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Oct 4, 2006 06:58 PM

We were actually looking for dumplings but fell into Deli Mandarin

Lunch got very late yesterday - almost 3pm. Went into the strip mall south of New Concept and headed towards Mama's Dumplings when we heard a cry from Deli Mandarin. It was the owner of Gourmet Delight, a very underated restaurant up the street where we often go for lunch. He called, come in here, its great. Then he proceeded to order for us. He told us that this was Sansei (??) food from a province south west of Mongolia. Whatever - the food was so different - and very delicious. We had hand cut noodle dish, seafood soup with the fish heads, huge plate of greens, shrimp in scrambled eggs, cold peppery tripe and the ultimate compliment - you don't eat like Caucasians. "John" the Chef made all the dishes specially and then sat down at the next table to eat his own lunch and receive compliments. Fun day. This must be the last place, or one of them, on earth to have a $3.95 lunch. Easy parking. Cost of above, $22 plus tip. Cash only.

Deli Mandarin (needs a newer catchy name in English)
South of New Concept in a strip mall
Atlantic Blvd.

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  1. Shaanxi.

    Sounds great... though shrimp in scrambled eggs isn't a Shaanxi dish.

    Shaanxi is due south of Mongolia -- Shanxi (one A) is east of Shaanxi.

    1. Thanks for the heads up.

      New name indeed, wouldn't want it to be confused with "Mandarin Deli" for those dyslexic Chowhounds amongst us.

      1. Correct name & address:

        Mandarin Deli Restaurant
        728 South Atlantic Blvd.
        MONTEREY PARK, CA 91754

        If you read Chinese, the characters mean "really delicious"
        (PINYIN: zhēn hǎo wèi)

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        1. re: Mr. Roboto

          I knew the name HAD to be better in Chinese - maybe Abe's Deli (LOL). "John" the Chef, we learned, is from Shanghai but we were told by the other guests, is a real expert in Shaanxi or - as I have learned here Shanxi. I love all the snippets I learn from you guys.

        2. IS it shaanxi or shanxi food? Heavy noodling has shanxi dishes as well.
          i've had scrambled egg dishes in the north of china. are they really a southern specialty?
          if it's really shaanxi food, i wonder if they have paomo - a lamb and bread soup - think a watery lambish panzanella.

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          1. re: Jerome

            Scrambled egg dishes are common everywhere -- but shrimp aren't exactly a common dish in either Shaanxi or Shanxi.

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              fine = i bet they have crayfish though ( i know hebei a lot better than shanxi or shaanxi)

            2. re: Jerome

              I forgot another dish we had which "John" the chef made for our dining 'consultant' - it was peanuts and cubed tofu (dark tofu very solid) with greens.

            3. Shrimp with Scambled Eggs is served in lots of places in China, but I never had it there as good as it is everyday at Ocean Star, right here - undercooked eggs, barely cooked shrimp, the right touch of sesame oil, cooked in lard.

              I've had dishes of it in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Yunaan, Beijing, Szechuan and Shangri La (it is a strange passion of mine to try it anywhere served). It is called what sounds like Wa" Ton Har Yen" in Mandarin and "Wa Ton Shar Yen" in Cantonese (but maybe its the other way 'round, I can never remember).