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Oct 4, 2006 06:56 PM

tinned sardines - any options???

we were given about 6 tins of sardines (don't ask). any options other than sardine sandwiches?

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  1. Try looking at these, one is sardine pizza, the other a spread (the 2nd one for tuna olive spread has a note on variations at the end which uses canned sardines).

    1. I can think of no better way to eat them than with hot sauce on saltines. Makes a great snack.


      1. If the sardines are packed in olive oil, break them up in a bowl (along with their oil), heat them and toss them with pasta. Remarkably simple and good.

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          I've heated up some olive oil, put in some garlic and red hot pepper flakes. After the garlic is slightly browned, put in the sardines and some chopped tomatoes and saute. The sauteeing action will break up the sardines into bits. Add some par-boiled pasta (about 5 minutes before they're done) along with some pasta water to the pan. Cook until the pasta is done. It's really addictive.

        2. Or just use ramen for a really simple, quick meal.


          1. What type? Good or mediocre?