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best sandwich spot in Boston

I know there are couple similar posts right now, but I was hoping to get a consensus on what is the best sandwich spot around (if not Darwins).

I moved here from California not too long ago, and there were some great sandwich places with really fresh veggies and meat and not always so much "gourmet" stuff going on. Darwin's is very good, but I don't think that it compares, and a lot of sandwiches are just too busy for me.

Anyways, what's the best sandwich place in the area? I don't mind driving a little ways, and I'm willing to pay a little more for the perfect sandwich:)

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  1. 2 places i haven't been (but have heard great things about):

    --All Star Sandwich Bar (Inman Sq, Cambridge)
    --Cityfeed (Boylston Street, JP)

    1 place I have been, that has always been great (albeit pricey):


    I tend to go to different places for different types of sandwiches...i.e. chacacero for a something totally unique; il panino in the north end for a great chicken parm; lamberts in dorchester for a delicious thanksgiving turkey sandwich; etc.

    1. I wouldn't call it the best all-around sandwich place, but certainly the best corned beef sandwiches in the area are at Mike's Deli in Coolidge Corner.

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        i have to agree--i just had my first one today (well, half anyway--the rest will be dinner--it was huge!) and it was fantastic. they really take a lot of care in making the sandwiches, the corned beef is flavorful and not the least bit fatty, and all in all it was everything i hoped it would be.

      2. volle nolle in the north end makes several uncomplicated and delicious sandwiches (including a cubano rendition with ridiculously tender pork).

        1. Berkeley Perk Cafe on Berkeley Street in the South End has excellent sandwiches. Recommend the turkey reuben.

          They have set specials, or you can choose from their list of fixings and make it as simple or complicated as you like.

          1. The Real Deal on Centre St. in West Roxbury has really great sandwiches

            1. I will second Flour. Their sandwiches are wonderful. Also, and I apologize if this is not the type of sandwich you're looking for, but Dom's on Main St. in Waltham (http://www.getdoms.com/about.html) has quite simply the greatest eggplant parm around. I have been eating that sandwich since I was a kid and I still drive to Waltham for it.

                1. Hi-Rise on Huron in Cambridge is my favorite. Best sandwiches I've had in Boston or anywhere else. Also try their housemade Oreos. They're addictive.

                  Flour also gets my vote.

                  1. i agree on:

                    hi rise (expensive, but, in my opinion, still quite good)

                    i should say i also really like the sandwiches at appleton (simple and good) and when i worked in the south end, i survived on the chicken curry sandwich at the nashoba bakery on columbus ave (not to mention their chocolate chip cookies).

                    1. I like the sandwiches at Garden of Eating in the South End. They are simple enough and but not too plain with intersting spreads and fresh veggies. The Union Park is my favorite. Flour is another excellent choice. While this may not appeal to you, their stuffed sandwiches are to die for.

                      1. The bar at Chez Henri for a pressed Cuban sandwich. Just had one tonight (and my friend had the veggie version). ABSOLUTELY delicious!

                        Great cuban cocktails too!


                        1. I have always liked Nashoba Brook Bakery on Columbus Ave in the South End; great breads, nice selection of sandwich creations and very fresh ingredients. On a nice day you can sit at one of the outside tables and look at the scenic intersection of Columbus and Clarendon.

                          1. I like City Feed in Jamaica Plain. It's a small, country store type of place. The sandwiches they make are creative and meal-size. I love the Farmer's Lunch sandwich.

                            1. I really enjoy Rachel's Kitchen, located in Bay Village. Their menu is not extensive, but their ingredients are incredibly fresh and Rachel and her husband Alon really care about their customers and the food. If you haven't tried it, it's worth taking a look at.

                              Also, Artu on Charles Street makes some of the best sandwiches around (if you like sandwiches of the Italian genre). I sometimes have dreams about the Favorito....

                              1. Well, I'm not making any claims that it's the BEST, but it's really close to where I work, so I enjoy a sandwich at Mulligan's (by the Garden) on a regular basis.

                                1. Another great place in Brookline is the Brookline Spa -- don't be fooled by the name, as they have over 100 sandwiches on the menu. Although I wouldn't describe them as gourmet, the ingredients are fresh and the service is great. Harvard St. @ Apsinwall

                                  1. The Brookline Spa and the Real Deal are under the same ownership and you should find the same quality (and long wait for) sandwiches at both .. they also feature the elusive Boars Head cold cuts, which seem to becoming extinct these days.

                                    Other places of note:
                                    1. All Star - was really impressed by this place
                                    2. Michael's Deli (Brookline) - best Jewish Deli for the $$$
                                    3. Parish Cafe - good selection, gourmet sandwiches
                                    4. Bottega Fiorentina (Brookline) - Italian Subs

                                    1. Some of my favorites for sandwiches:

                                      Strip Ts, Watertown
                                      All Star Sandwich Bar, Cambridge
                                      D'Agostino's, Arlington (takeout only--it's an Italian market)
                                      Chacarero, Boston
                                      Chez Henri, Cambridge (best cubano I've ever had)
                                      Bob's, Medford (another Italian market)

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                                        D'Agostino's has a location in Winchester too. It's actually where I had my first ever paying job back in HS. They make fantastic sub sandwiches (the italian is my favorite, chicken salad is close second). Last I checked they had boar's head cold cuts.

                                        they also have a great selection of imported italian pantry items.

                                        also takeout only

                                      2. I can't believe only one person has mentioned Volle Nolle in the North End. So, I'm mentioning it again.

                                        They make what may appear to be simple sandwiches, but supercharge them magically by taking one ingredient and improving on it. The bread is perfect.

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                                            I don't know. But the bread is great.

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                                              volle nolle seems to have flown under the radar here. there are only two threads devoted to it!


                                            2. I would second the Berkeley Perk. Their California BLT (I have it dry) is wonderful.

                                              I also like Zaftig's in Brookline. I had a wonderful hot pastrami sandwich there a few weeks ago. Yum!