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Oct 4, 2006 06:38 PM

Great Chinese for 10 in Manhattan?

When in Vancouver, I organized a big family get-together for a wonderful Chinese food-a-thon...big round table 10-12 people...lazy susan spinning with very good food. Most of us have lived in or visited Asia and/or SE Asia over the past 2 decades.

I'd love suggestions where to put together another one of these for my East Coast family. We have always loved Grand Sichuan International on 9th ave and 24th but I'd love other suggestions. We aren't limited to location except that it should be in Manhattan.


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  1. I'd say Shun Lee. It is exactly the experience you describe -- upscale restaurant, good service, food served in a lazy susan in the middle (if memory serves) and great food.

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      Shun Lee can do a good job and they got some interesting items. But expect to pay higher prices than Grand Sichuan.

    2. Congee Village is always a good spot to go. Although you might have to wait a bit for the table but it's good food cheap and located towards chinatown.

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        Solution: Get reservations. I believe they have a private room for 10 people, too. Reserve it if you can. A deposit will be required, and I am guessing that the fee will be somewhere around $20-25/person, which will be worth it. They do great banquets!

      2. I have not been to that many restaurants in chinatown but for cantonese food I liked Congee Village and Golden Bridge the times I've eaten there. For Shanghainese, I like New Yeah Shanghai (the waiters banter with you in mandarin and are quite nice)
        For SE Asian food, why not try Nonya? Its not the greatest, but they do have larger tables. Sanur, Skyway, Jaya and the one tucked between bowery and elizabeth behind (un)yummy noodles may be too small to fit your family.

        1. Cantoon Garden on Elizabeth St just south of Canal has big round tables that would be ideal. They fill up fast though, especially on weekends.

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            They got a room upstairs but don't expect too much on decor but good food.

          2. Wu liang ye if you like spicey sichuan.