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Great Chinese for 10 in Manhattan?

When in Vancouver, I organized a big family get-together for a wonderful Chinese food-a-thon...big round table 10-12 people...lazy susan spinning with very good food. Most of us have lived in or visited Asia and/or SE Asia over the past 2 decades.

I'd love suggestions where to put together another one of these for my East Coast family. We have always loved Grand Sichuan International on 9th ave and 24th but I'd love other suggestions. We aren't limited to location except that it should be in Manhattan.


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  1. I'd say Shun Lee. It is exactly the experience you describe -- upscale restaurant, good service, food served in a lazy susan in the middle (if memory serves) and great food.

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      Shun Lee can do a good job and they got some interesting items. But expect to pay higher prices than Grand Sichuan.

    2. Congee Village is always a good spot to go. Although you might have to wait a bit for the table but it's good food cheap and located towards chinatown.

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        Solution: Get reservations. I believe they have a private room for 10 people, too. Reserve it if you can. A deposit will be required, and I am guessing that the fee will be somewhere around $20-25/person, which will be worth it. They do great banquets!

      2. I have not been to that many restaurants in chinatown but for cantonese food I liked Congee Village and Golden Bridge the times I've eaten there. For Shanghainese, I like New Yeah Shanghai (the waiters banter with you in mandarin and are quite nice)
        For SE Asian food, why not try Nonya? Its not the greatest, but they do have larger tables. Sanur, Skyway, Jaya and the one tucked between bowery and elizabeth behind (un)yummy noodles may be too small to fit your family.

        1. Cantoon Garden on Elizabeth St just south of Canal has big round tables that would be ideal. They fill up fast though, especially on weekends.

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            They got a room upstairs but don't expect too much on decor but good food.

          2. Wu liang ye if you like spicey sichuan.

            1. Chin Chin on East 49th St. serves great Chinese food. I've eaten there with a large group (around 10 people), but do not think we had a large round table. However, we had an easy time hearing everyone at the table and did not have any problems passing around the dishes we ordered.

              1. If you want to do banquet style Danny Ng has one of the best deals. They got a banquet menu and you can alter it.

                I find they are more flexible at Cantoon Garden.

                The above two are good on value.

                Oriental Garden Restaurant
                14 Elizabeth St (Cross Street: Between Canal Street and Bayard Street)
                has more selection on banquet menus. This place is cleaner and you will pay more. This place is not the most crowded place during dinner. But if you want cleaner this is an option. Their banquet book is pretty big and you can get banquets to around $1000 for a table.

                Chatham Square Restaurant
                6 Chatham Square
                New York, NY 10038View Map
                (212) 587-8800

                Also has a large selection of banquets. I never tried this place yet for a banquet. I tend to like Danny Ng more in terms of value. But this place is cleaner and I may give this place a shot the next time I have a banquet. I did take a look at their banquet menu and its big. I find Cantoon Garden and the last two places are more flexible with arranging a banquet. Meaning you can switch the dishes if you see something you don't like.

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                  Had another disgusting dinner at Danny Ng's last night. The complimentary soup was dish water flavored with MSG. The oil they use to fry stuff in wasn't changed or something so the pork chops, the fried oysters and the fried fish all came out brownish black. The shrimp chips that accompanied the oysters were stale, which i guess is why they didnt come out dirty looking. The oysters themselves were semi rancid. The baked clams arrived sitting in a pool of greasy water. At first I thought maybe it was fluid from the clams but it was just warm-ish water with spots of grease floating on top. Some of the clams were completely covered with meat bits and others were a quarter covered. It was like they forgot to finish the job or ran out of meat. When we complained, the waiter was like you could come back tomorrow, the oil should be new. The old guy with the glasses who seems to be the manager gave us the usual shrug of his shoulders told us the stuff was supposed to be like that and basically ignored us.

                  The only thing they didn't screw up was the 2 flavored fried rice and the sweet soup dessert. The other dish I had, bitter melon with shrimp, was strange because the shrimp were plump and yummy while the bitter melon was semi raw and crunchy.

                  I guess I'm the idiot for going back even though I've had similar experiences there in the past. But people keep raving about the place and overriding my choices.

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                      I'm starting to have second thoughts about the restaurant. I guess they are getting too much business now because it wasn't like that before.

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                      I second Oriental Garden - I organized a dinner of maybe 12-15 people there for the Lunar New Year and it was great. The food was fantastic (and came so quickly at one point that we ran out of room on the table) and the waiters were super helpful. I was with a bunch of broke college students and they managed to put together something nice for around $20/person.

                      New Yeah Shanghai is nice too, a little cheaper. They have one private room, but it's kind of small and doesn't have the lazy susan going on.

                    3. New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe in Chinatown. Had a meal for probably 8 there complete with spinning circle in the center with great dim sum and main dishes. They have a nice mix of authentic and 'americanized'.

                      1. If someone in your party can read Chinese, then call ahead and ask them to fax you their banquet menu, which is likely offered in Chinese only.

                        The tables for ten start at $188 per table plus tax and tip, and the better menus clock in at $288, $388, $468, etc. I cannot imagine a banquet menu that costs $1,000 unless it's a wedding and the menu includes endangered species and/or exotic seafood.

                        I have eaten banquet meals at several Manhattan Chinatown locations and am still looking for something outstanding. I'd love to hear how it goes...

                        1. I've just returned from dinner at Chatham Sq restaurant (the one at 6 Chatham Sq and NOT the one at 9 Chatham Sq) and I think it would be ideal for you. They have two a la carte menus, both in English as well as Chinese, and each one has hundreds of dishes. My meal was great.


                          1. I second Congee Village. Also Grand Sichuan has tasty and inventive Chinese. Good for groups too

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                              I too think Congee Village would be a good choice. They have a very extensive menu, all with English translation. Unusual stuff like an egg souflee with fish intestines (and standard stuff too). If you want Sichuanese food, though, I think you'd do better in Flushing, Queens. In fact, you should keep an open mind toward Flushing, they have great places like Imperial Palace, where I ate last night.