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Oct 4, 2006 06:14 PM

Good Oaxacan in L.A. - THIS WEEK

I'm looking for Oaxacan food in WLA this week, and not sure where to go. Normally, I'd hit Monte Alban, but I've been reading about serious supply chain disruptions from Oaxaca.

My question is - what Oaxacan places in WLA are both (1) good and (2) either not too dependent on the supply chain from Oaxaca or are better able to weather disruptions?

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  1. Its now been 6 months since I moved up to Wine Country... and finally got a chance to return to Monte Alban today.... the Barbecued Goat Taco served with Black Bean - Hoja Santa paste is much better than I remember... the marinade on the fall apart tender goat is so flavorful, succulent, earthy & complex. The herbal-aniseish flavor of the beans is so satisfying.

    Nopales were okay (from a jar, but decently doctored up) & I also had a Bohemia... which I had ignored for years... I didn't remember it delivers some decent hops... maybe my taste buds were just particularly alive today.

    I couldn't make it to La Casita (Bell) or Baja Fish Taco (ELA)... but Monte Alban eased the pain.