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Oct 4, 2006 06:04 PM

newborn-friendly in boston/cambridge?

So the little one is about two weeks old and mommy and I are getting a little cabin fever... we'd like a place that has decent food and won't look askance if the baby hollers once or twice...Ideas and past experiences?

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  1. I think kid-friendly Full Moon, 344 Huron, Cambridge might work for you.

    1. In my experience, basically any non-white tablecloth spot is fine with a newborn. Summer Shack (mixed feelings on this board, I know), Cambridge Common, West Side Lounge, East Coast Grill, and the Independent were our staples with our infant son (we live in Somerville). We would either put the baby, in carseat, on a chair/bench or put the seat on a highchair (some places flip the highchairs upside down so you can nest a carseat in them). When the boy squeaked, we'd take him out for a feed/cuddle, or walk around with him. Full Moon is fine with an infant, but they seem to cater more to toddlers and school-aged kids.

      Now that the lad is almost two, eating out isn't so easy...

      1. Full Moon may be a little overkill for a newborn who doesn't need to be entertained, better for that two year old. That said, garlic breath has it right, although you may have to wait a month or two to have enough time between fussing for a tranquil meal. With our first, we ate out all the time from ~3 months to ~10 months, and she would just sleep through the meal wherever we went, including many of the places Garlic Breath listed as well as lots of others. Basically, you just have to time it for one of the frequent naps.

        Once past 10 months, plan on eating in, so get out while you can.

        1. EAST COAST GRILL. :-D

          Infants love the cool lights and colors. Go at 5:30-6 and you won't bother anyone, but there will be enough buzz to drown out baby if necessary. With any luck, the buzz will lull them to sleep. We brought both sons as infants and everyone was happy.

          1. We also took our newborn frequently to Summer Shack and ECG, though I never felt quite comfortable with her in the latter. We found Cambridge 1 in Harvard Square to be very welcoming of both baby and stroller, and have had good luck at the Parish Cafe downtown (where the noise level is usually high enough to drown out any comments from the little one). I want to second Davis Square's comment about getting out now-- we were able to take our child out very easily from 3 months to maybe 14 months. Since then she's been getting much harder to handle in restaurants (she's 20 months now). So take advantage of this time and get out frequently...