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Oct 4, 2006 05:51 PM

Help me feed a celeb in Montreal

Hi everyone,

My work is sending me on a trip across Canada to accompany a celebrity, due to confidentiality issues I can't reveal her name, let's just call her P. wait that's too obvious, Priscilla.P.

Anyways, Priscilla will be in Montreal promoting her line of bedwear and I would like to have the names of one or two top restaurants in the city that she would be comfortable eating in.

That's where you guys come in! Help me pick a restaurant for Priscilla Presley.

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  1. -XO at the St.James hotel
    -Toqué!, Montreal's best known and top restaurant
    -Garçon!, last year En Route's top 10 restaurants
    -Ferreira, very good, more casual ambiance, pricey but the fish is to die for and the service is great

    If she wants a true Montreal experience, bring her to Le Pied de Cochon. Be careful though. The ambiance is as casual as the food is genius.

    For more discretion but very good food:
    -La Montée de Lait
    -Les Chèvres

    1. I would agree with

      Try something a little different maybe:
      Pintxos - Great atmosphere, amazing food and awsome wine

      Chasse et Peche - This might be the one for you. Food is some of the best in the city, and nothing those celeb types wouldn't like.

      Anise - Another Top choice. Chef Racha is a genius when it comes to this style food.

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        I second Chasse et Pêche...had forgotten about it!!!

      2. Thanks guys - Mme ZoeZ and I will follow your recs when we visit Montreal at the end of the month!+

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          You could always visit Elvis Ameublement, on Papineau. Granted, it isn't food, but she might just get a kick out of it. Some of the stoves there date back to his leather period.