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Oct 4, 2006 05:49 PM

Help me feed a celeb in Edmonton + Calgary [moved from Canada Board]

Hi everyone,

My work is sending me on a trip across Canada to accompany a celebrity, due to confidentiality issues I can't reveal her name, let's just call her P. wait that's too obvious, Priscilla.P.

Anyways, Priscilla will be in Calgary and Edmonton helping to promote her line of bedwear and I would like to have the names of one two top restaurants in the cities that she would be comfortable eating in.

That's where you guys come in! Help me pick a restaurant for Priscilla Presley.

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  1. Can you expand upon the proviso, "...that she would be comfortable eating in."?

    Comfortable in what sense? She'll be able to hide in the corner? Wants stylish surroundings? Particular food likes?

    Edmonton has several decent restaurants and they are abundant in "booming" C-town.

    Can suggest several in both if I know what you are seeking.

    1. Canadians are very sweet when it comes to not being starf*ckers when a "celeb" is in the dining room, so I'd think that any good resto would fit the bill.

      1. Here are three unique and varied picks:
        Divino: classic and comfortable modern Bistro fare done right.
        Eight: lively newish place with stylishly good food and tasting menu options. Nice modern room too.
        River Cafe: the walk, the surroundings, the trees at this time of year and the regional cuisine....pure Calgary.

        Let us know how it goes.

        1. Burger Inn
          Krete Souvlaki
          Western Doughnut
          La Chaumiere

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            :) LOL!

            Tubby Dog
            Banh Mi Thi Thi

          2. Bob asked a pretty good question, in that what does "comfortable eating at" mean? Does it mean quiet and private? Does it mean healthy and organic? Crowded and loud? Small restaurant where the chances of being seen are small? Or a large one where she can be lost in the crowd? Expensive and fancy? Or downhome and greasy? Answers will vary based on what those preferences are.

            Anyway, making some basic assumptions that she'll likely want to eat someplace nice, someplace where she won't be interrupted, and price is no object, i'd recommend Hardware Grill and Red Ox Inn in Edmonton. Hardware is gorgeous, phenomenal food, even better wine list, and as nice as restaurant as it gets in Edmonton (imo). Red Ox is smaller, quainter, but the food is great, the atmosphere nice, and she has a low likelihood of being interrupted in the middle of her meal.

            For Calgary, i'd second River Cafe for a "Calgary" experience. My personal suggestions would be more along the lines of Rouge (has lots of character, great food, and one can get a private room), Capo (best Italian in the city, beautiful place), Muse (once again, a lot more privacy available here). To me, places like Divino, Centini, The Living Room, Muriettas, Vintage, Teatro etc... are all really nice spaces, but a bit too open, and a bit too busy.

            I've never been to 8, or Rustic Red Water Grille, but they definitely have potential as well.

            Anyway, good luck!

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            1. re: yen

              How did Red Water enter the radar of this thread?
              Also, i would NOT recommend red water as a top pick for dining in Calgary. Too much like every other suburban, family friendly, feel good bullsh*# "resto" that clogs up Calgary's dining scene anymore. Think : Joeys, Moxies, Keg, Murrietas, Kelseys, Tony Romas, chain restaurant cesspools that are masquerading as serious restaurants. IMO.

              1. re: formerlyfingers

                As you may have noticed, i mentioned that i have not been. It is, however, in a part of town that has a serious lack of decent restaurants. Geography is often as important as the food in choosing a location - chowhounders often forget that many people don't like travelling long distances just for food.

                They also never clarified that "someplace comfortable" was a top pick - thus the Tubby Dog/Burger Inn recommendations.

                Anyway, if you've had a bad experience there, please post and let us all know about it, but i don't really appreciate the passive aggresive attack on my suggestions.

              2. re: yen

                I will second Hardware Grill and Red Ox Inn in Edmonton. Culina's is another small venue with a fantastic menu and wine list. Another place, which I have not been to is the Blue Pear--I think a smaller place with an interesting 4 course meal--it might fit the bill.

                In Calgary, I third River Cafe and second Capo and Muse. Both outstanding food, wine and service.
                Divino is truly devine if the busier, louder atmosphere is what you're looking for.