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Lunch finds around 2nd/Mission?

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I need some ideas for chowhound-worthy, relatively inexpensive (under $10 per person) lunch spots in this area. I don't know much about this side of Market St. Any suggestions? (Preferably non-chains, but hey, I'm desperate).

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  1. I like caffe Mondo on Mission at 2nd - great sandwiches!

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      Any particular sandwiches to recommend?

    2. I work at 3rd/Market, so I eat around here a lot. There's a Cafe Madeleine on New Montgomery, right next to Specialty's; I like them both. My favourite inexpensive lunch is probably AG Ferrari's pasta con pollo, on Mission at 3rd.

      1. there's a chinese restaurant on 2nd between Market and Mission.

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          Many people love B&M Mei Sing despite complaints of msg and grease (unfounded?). It's the quintessential Cantonese rice plate place.

        2. Zebulon is off 2nd and Natoma?, or is it Minna...where that Japenese place is on the corner, go towards First down the alley. Great salads and sammys.

          Henry's Hunan, off 2nd, but the other diredtion in the same alley.

          Osha Thai...if you can handle the lines. It's on 2nd.

          On New Mont'g and Mission, few doors down from Chipolte, there is a great place for gyros and falafels. It's a small to-go place.

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          1. Tea Garden, on Mission between 1st and 2nd. Taiwanese rice plates, noodles, snacks, and bubble teas. I especially like the beef noodle soup and the stuffed bread with fatty pork, cilantro, and pickled greens.

            1. B&M chinese. South side of 2nd entre Market and Mission.
              Greasy steam table downstairs. Menu upstairs.

              Ordering carefully at the steam table (grilled chicken skewers,
              egg foo yung, spicy tofu) will get you a great big tasty lunch
              for under $5. I'm less familiar with the upstairs dishes but
              coworkers seem to love it.

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                You can get the made-to-order menu downstairs too. They serve good versions of all the Cantonese classics: black bean sauce chicken, scrambled egg and char sieu, beef lo mein, deep-fried flatfish, bitter melon beef. I know that many fidi refugees, run there when they are in the area. I have run into more former fidi friends there, than anyplace I can think of.

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                  Yeah, I loved this place when I worked in the area. I was more of a made-to-order fan and usually ordered the beef with tofu which had a wonderfully soft, custardy, comforting tofu.

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                    Yes, me too, but I have noticed shrimp with heads on the steam table. They are so fast, that there's no reason not to order.

              2. Tomo on First Street between Market and Mission -- good noodles.

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                  You probably wouldn't have made this mistake, but DON'T go to Kate O'Briens...they had really good food for while (change in chef I think) but it has gone sharply downhill again, FYI.