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Oct 4, 2006 05:43 PM

Sides for smoked pork and chicken

Hello, now that it is autumn and still picnic weather, what sorts of sides go with grilled and smoked meats? Sweet potatoes and butternut squash sound great but what kind of salads? Beets? Can't seem to access Epicurious today and welcome any suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Slaws, f'rinstance. Great temperature, flavor and texture contrast to that sort of meat.

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      Good idea--the super slaw from epicurious is hearty and goes well with pork.

    2. Tater salad. Baked or bbq beans. Bean salad.


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        I can't seem to make a decent potato salad--they always end up tasting like pickles or are bland. A sweet potato salad sounds delcious, so that might be the best bet.

      2. Grain salads with dried fruit. There are a number of recipes accessible from epicurious' home page, when you can get to it.

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          Sounds healthy and delicious--thanks!

        2. I make a lovely potato salad with a combination of sweet and red potatoes, then use a yogurt-mayonnaise dressing mixed with mango chutney. Salt, pepper and something green (chopped fresh parsley, scallions, etc.) Quite delicious and goes perfectly with pork. You can serve it warm, room temperature or cold and is easily made ahead.

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          1. Here are a couple of ideas:

            Here is a simple and really good butternut squash side dish by Mario Batali:


            I also posted this in response to an earlier request for sweet potato recipes (about halfway down the page) - Grilled sweet potatoes with Korean dipping sauce:


            Sicilian Harvest Salad is also a good, sturdy, cookout salad:


            Other ideas that use cool weather ingredients:
            ~ Cabbage dressed with a hot bacon dressing
            ~ Spinach salad with pears (which can be grilled or raw), blue cheese, pecans/hazelnuts dressed with lemon juice and olive oil
            ~ Wrap wedges of sweet onion in a slice of bacon, baste with a little sherry or balsamic vinegar mixed with a little brown sugar and some fresh thyme and pepper - skewer and grill

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              Oooh, these are all good ideas and make me think of other successful dishes from the past. Am nervous about trying out new recipes on a crowd, but bacon-wrapped dates and butternut squash galettes come to mind. thanks!