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Lunch in Las Vegas

Looking for a good but not heavy lunch on a Monday. We have dinner covered.

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  1. Mon Ami Gabi at Paris is nice place for lunch. Weather is condusive to sitting outside now as well. Excellent fresh bagguetes.

    1. Commander's Palace is terrific for lunch. They have a couple of three-course prix fixe lunch specials, one for $18.80 that features different items all the time, and another one for $29 that features turtle soup, pecan-crusted catfish, and bread pudding souffle. They do have a great selection of other items if you don't feel like going for app/entree/dessert (and since you're looking for something not heavy, I'd imagine you'd want to do the regular menu). On top of this, they have a drink special of your choice of up to four martinis for a quarter each! You'll spend less on your beverage bill than if you had iced tea.

      1. I love Olives at Bellagio for lunch.

        1. Mesa grill's lunch is pretty good. Maybe Bouchon?

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            i second mesa grill lunch. great, bold flavors throughout the menu with big portions

          2. Mesa is great for lunch. I'm not sure Bouchon is open on Monday for lunch - but try it for breakfast! We had wonderful salads at the Ritz-Carlton. You have to drive, but it's fun to get away from the strip. Downtown we like the restaurant at the Golden Nugget. We often go the brew pub at the MonteCarlo if we have a mid-afternoon flight out.

            1. Commander's Palace also gets my vote hands down. But I've also had some real nice lunches at Joe's Stone Crab in Caesar's. They have an $18.80 lunch deal (like CP) that will get you some Medium Stone Crab claws, Hash Browned Potatos and Cole Slaw, and a slice of Key Lime Pie for dessert. Sure it's not as good as the fresh stuff in Miami, but still tasty for a reasonably priced quality lunch.

              1. It is hard to beat Commander's Palace's $18.80 3 course lunch for quality, service and those wondeful 25 cent martinis.

                1. I'll give you several recs all of which I've done for lunch and have or will go back to again.

                  1. Commander's Palace 25 cent Martini lunch
                  2. Mesa Grill, the burger IS excellent
                  3. Delmonico, excellent way to try the place for under $100 for two.
                  4. Lotus of Siam, do NOT get the buffet, order off the menu.
                  5. In-n-Out Burger
                  6. Mon Ami Gabi
                  7. Makino Sushi Buffet. I know it's not excellent quality, but trust me, it's better than nearly anything I can get here in Pittsburgh.

                  Lunch is our favorite meal in Vegas because you get to experience the more expensive restaurants for a much better price.

                  Edit: Just noticed you wanted a light lunch, in that case I'd say Lotus of Siam, Mon Ami Gabi, Makino, or In-n-Out Burger.

                  1. Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay. If you arrive around noon you can go straight there from the airport. Kobe burger with sauteed onions and bacon. Onion rings on the side and a large selection of beers on tap. That's the way to start a trip to Vegas!