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Oct 4, 2006 04:54 PM

Meat Thermometer vs. Probe Thermometer

I need a good thermometer for cooking roasts (especially with the holidays coming up) and I am torn between getting a meat thermometer (one that you leave in the roast) and a probe thermometer.

I'm leaning toward the probe, because of the coolness factor, but my practical inner voice thinks a meat thermometer would last longer.

Suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated.


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  1. One of the Polder remotes. THe probe goes in the meat and timer sits on the counter and goes off when you get to the temperature

    1. I like to have both, actually. The regular old meat thermometer is good for other things-- like checking to be sure bread is done. And it takes less set-up. I have a Polder probe and it's great for chicken, meats, whatever-- I'd definitely recommend it.

      1. A basic meat thermometer is fairly inexpensive so you could get both. The polder is great, especially if you're grilling outside but want to be elsewhere. I like the one with the remote (which we don't have) so you can wander.

        1. I couldn't do without my Polder expecially when I'm doing a prime rib.

          1. Okay, a polder probe IS what I was researching. What model should I get? I'm not really willing to spend more than around $26 for it.

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              I just found a Polder remote thermometer at Marshall's for $14...Well I guess it's really just a probe with the unit on the outside..I had a fancy(pricey) remote thermometer from Williams Sonoma that died.. I didn't really use the remote part as I live in an apt..You sort of get a feel for how the temp rises when you can actually see it happen so you really don't have to be glued to the device if you don't get the additional remote..