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Oct 4, 2006 04:36 PM

3 days in Baltimore

Chicago hound visiting Baltimore for 3 days needs lunch and dinner recommendations. I am especially interested in fish. Upscale or downscale, doesn't matter, so long as it's fresh and prepared in a way that makes for memorable dining. Nonfish recommendations, too, if you have a personal favorite. I'm staying in in Habor area. Many thanks for any tips.

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  1. if your in the downtown area by inner harbor try out
    M&S resturant its on pier 5 fresh fish,good $ ,good area
    good luck

    1. In the nonfish department, no trip to Baltimore is complete without an authentic pit beef sandwich. 20 minutes by cab from the Inner Harbor. It is to Baltimore what the Italian beef sandwich is to Chicago.

      1. DuDa's in Fell's Point for the Crab Cake platter.

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        1. re: beertje49

          My wife and I own a busy store across the street and when visitors come in and buy stuff, they always ask where to eat.

          We suggest DuDa's all the time (the food is solid and very Baltimore) but it is a tough sell.

          I did not realize until I moved to Fells Point that you could get great food at taverns and bars.

          So many of our customers come back and think there is no way you can get food at a "place like that"

          But the food is really good.

          It does have a bar feel. Is can be smoky.

          But they offer great food for a great price.

          And they have great taps and bottled beer (wine is really, really weak)

          1. re: hon

            I don't want to use this great site to shill, but we are not Su Casa (one of my favorite stores however)

            We sell toys.

            To keep my post on food I will say I had a really GREAT gyro at the Fells Point Fun Fest this weekend. HUGE, but a bit salty.

            1. re: Tugboat

              I highly second the recommendation of Duda's (I don't believe the second "D" is capitalized, but I may be wrong). The double-padded fried oysters are a good choice when they have them. As someone else said, the crabcakes are good as well. They aren't open on Sunday, though, if that matters.

              Like Hon, I'm also curious which business is Tugboat's.

                1. re: Hal Laurent

                  I third the Duda's recommendation. When I lived in Baltimore, I valeted at Kali's Court and Duda's would be the post-work burger and beer destination.

                  1. re: subinai

                    I love the fact that they cook the burgers to order. No one at Duda's will tell you that they can't cook a burger rare due to some "law" (but there are few laws in Fells Point)

                    And they fry everything well. Get the fried olives if they have them. The popcorn shrimp are always good.

                    I like places that know how to fry well.

                    And of course they have free hard pretzels and an array of mustard's!!!

            2. All your upscale fish requirements can be met not too far from the harbor by either Kali's Court or the Black Olive, both in Fell's Point -



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              1. re: rawdog

                For a great fish meal I would definitely recommend going to the Black Olive!

                the options vary, so you will not find the selections on the menu, but rather in a case on display in the restaurant- well explained prior to ordering- very fresh!

              2. Your best bet for seafood would be Mama's on the Halfshell. You'll need to take a cab or water taxi to Canton, but well worth the effort to avoid the Phillips, Legal Seafood, M&S options that you're stuck with in the Inner Harbor. Other memorable dining options would be Charleston for very upscale, Pazo or Meze for chic small plates, Birches, Peter's Inn or Henningers for terrific upscale bar food, the Helmand for Afghan, and Brewer's Art if you enjoy Belgian Beer. I'm sure that you'll also get recommendations to hike down to Lexington Market for Faidley's crab cakes.