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Onion Rings

Thin & crispy, in Manhattan. Where?

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  1. Surprisingly, Virgil's (off Times Square) has excellent thin, crisp onion rings, served with blue cheese dressing. If you don't care for their Q, just sit at the bar and have an Anchor Steam draft with an order or two of onion rings.

    1. Prime Grill in midtown serves delicious ribbon-y thin onion rings with most of their entrees...

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        I agree about Prime Grill - Sit at the bar amd you get baskets full -

      2. Wolfgang's Steakhouse has killer onion rings!!

        1. If you like onion strings, as opposed to rings, try Rub on 23rd St. and 7th. They may just be the best I've ever had.

          1. Carnegie Deli makes excellent onion rings -- a loaf the size of your head, of course.

            1. Chat N' Chew off Union Square has fine strings - they are lightly salted and seasoned, which contrasts with the sweet onions. It's a big plate though - and as I've learned, they simply can't be reheated/recrisped in an oven. :(

              1. Molly's, 3rd btwn 22nd and 23rd, has great Onion Rings and an awesome burger to accompany them.

                1. southwest NY in battery park, surprisingly delicious

                  1. If you like burger king style rings,,,the ones that have mashed up onions in them,,,try jackson hole

                      1. The onion rings at Rare are amazing - though not thin. So crunchy and delicious though - and i dont even like onion rings...