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Oct 4, 2006 04:01 PM

R.W. Apple has died

Drudgereport notes today that the New York Times announced that food journalist R.W. Apple died on Tuesday. Not certain if the account is accurate.

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    1. R.W. Apple's book "America" was a great read for any lover of food and travel. I am jealous of the Chowhound life he lead. I wonder what Julia is going to cook up for him tonight?

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      1. re: Walters

        Based on what I know of him, he may insist on cooking for her!

        A great loss. I'll miss his travel and food writing in the Times. And I was a longtime reader of his political articles as well. I especially enjoyed the sidebars he wrote to accompany the harder news articles.

      2. There is a long appreciative article posted on the NY Times website. His last article was in Sunday's paper on chefs in Singapore. A real loss.

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        1. Such sad news. I really enjoyed his writing. I will miss him.

          1. Thanks for posting this sad news...I haven't seen him in years but he would frequent my Antiques shop and we would always
            trade new restaurants to try. He loved to talk food !
            He will be missed by many.

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            1. re: Marilyn

              where was your shop? was he based out of dc or new york? from his writings, it seemed like he didn't have a permanent residence, but rather a globe trotter of the finest order.

              1. re: kevin

       shop was in Adamstown PA...RW had a farm
                in Gettysburg PA