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French Macaroons...

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I am in search of french macaroons, the sandwich kind. Any thoughts on where I can find these? Payard?

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  1. Probably Fauchon, if anywhere.

    1. Also Bouchon in time warner center.

      1. La Maison du Chocolat has them, as does the French pastry shop in Chelsea Market (Goupil & DeCarlo).

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          Delicious ones at LaMduC...sold in two sizes, large & small.

        2. I think they're actually "macarons", not "macaroons." I only know b/c my friend was giving me a hard time for misspelling it myself ...

          Anyway, I second John--Bouchon Bakery makes some delicious macarons, the caramel being my favorite.

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            I want to 3rd the recommendation for Bouchon's. they are fantastic. the ones at Almondine in Dumbo are pretty good too.

          2. I bought some mini ones at Payard recently.

            1. Yeah, the ones at Payard are pretty amazing. Very light, moist and they melt in your mouth.

              It has been awhile since I've been there, and as we all know here at the Chowhound forums, things may have changed......

              1. my favorite one is from La maison du chocolat.
                They've raised the price of the large one from $4.25 to $5. =(
                but they are the best in my opinon!

                1. You can also try Financier down on Stone St.

                  1. Does anyone have an update on where they get their macarons in NYC? I used to buy the Vanilla ones at Wegmans, but they stopped selling them about a year ago-those were the only macarons I ever had and they were great (when they were fresh.)
                    Then one day they stopped because Vanilla Crop was too expensive to import ;( I'm gong to Bouchons today to try thiers.

                    1. I've had Bouchon and Financier and Bouchon is better by far. They have rotating seasonal flavors which are my favorite-lemon, raspberry, pistachio-i'm not sure what they have now, but they are worth the ridiculous price if you want the best. The Vanilla beans are from madagascar!

                      1. I second the Bouchon Bakery vote after I went "macaron" crazy a few months ago.


                        1. Tartine on West 11th St. at West 4th has a large, somewhat clumsy, but quite tasty, chocolate macaron. The exterior is a little too crusty but the ganache is very nice. It's at least three inches in diameter. It's the Whopper of macarons.

                          1. Ah, the elusive (but oh so enjoyable) quest for the best macaron. Some places you might consider:
                            La Maison du Chocolat (good flavor, but freshness can be an issue)
                            Payard Patisserie (too sweet)
                            Fauchon (served way too cold...let it come to room temp for a few hours)
                            Bouchon Bakery (too dense, but good flavor)
                            Financier Patisserie (good flavor, perhaps a bit dense)
                            Petrossian Bakery (haven't tried yet myself, but my macaron-loving friend pronounced them "no good")
                            Tisserie (tasty filling, a bit too dense overall)
                            Something Sweet (way too sweet)
                            Almondine Bakery (Brooklyn; nice level of sweetness, but texture not quite ideal)

                            Oddly enough, my favorites in the city BY FAR are those served at the end of the meal at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. My suggestion? Go sometime for just dessert, and ask for extra macarons at the end :)

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                              I guess this is a little old, but I'll update:

                              Kee's Chocolates (East Midtown and Sullivan/Thompson)
                              Madeleine (23rd St)
                              Tafu (carries Itzy's)
                              Macaron Cafe (near Penn Station)

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                                there is a very small french cafe on 36 st just east of the corner of seventh ave, north side of 36 st, -go there

                                1. re: intrepid

                                  161 West 36th Street = Macaron Cafe, which firni listed.

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                                    Yep, Macaron Cafe and Bouchon are the next places I'll try. Was disappointed with Itzy Bitzy and La Maison.


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                                      I would try Madeleine before Macaron and Bouchon. With Madeleine's macarons, make sure you let them thaw out at room temperature for at least an hour before eating. It does change the taste and texture considerably. Macaron Cafe has really not been that great IMO. I once had a fantastic macaron there, but it was just once, and the other ones have been so-so. And surprisingly Bouchon has one of the worst macarons. I love almost all of their other goods. But Bouchon's macarons are very dry.

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                                        For Mitzy's macarons, she also recommends that you keep them in the fridge AND ALSO let them come to room temperature before partaking. This past month's flavors were quite nice -- loved the jasmine.

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                                          Thanks. I do need to try Madeleine, as it's very close to my apt. While IB's and La Maison's were good, they didn't blow me away. I'm looking for something with more unique fillings, rather than the same dark chocolate ganache that I've seen. I love fruit and creme (separately) fillings. Does Madeleine carry these? Thank you.


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                                            Madeleine does but you will run into the problem that not all flavors are available all the time. And they will list something as <fruit> chocolate where the fruity part is the cookies and the chocolate part is the filling. Not really integrated. Personally I think Itzy Bitzy and La Maison are better than Madeleine's.

                                            La Maison - well, it's a chocolate shop, so of course they will be heavy on the chocolate fillings. Itzy Bitzy has a mix - IIRC for April the jasmine and the mango definitely did not have any chocolate in there. I think the black sesame, too.

                                            1. re: kathryn

                                              Thanks, I know. I tried IB's mango and thought it was very overpowering, as was the green tea. What you said above is exactly what I don't like, "they will list something as <fruit> chocolate where the fruity part is the cookies and the chocolate part is the filling."
                                              I guess I'm just looking/hoping to find something similar to the amazing macarons I had at Laduree. :(


                                              1. re: LeahBaila

                                                Interesting - I didn't think the mango macaron was mango-y enough! But at least Itzy Bitzy is doing fruity/herbal/etc. fillings instead of taking the easy way out.

                                                I think we're out of luck, then, unless you want to hop on a plane and bring us back some macarons!

                                                1. re: kathryn

                                                  : ) Tis true! Well, atleast you all confirmed this.

                                                  Next time I'm in France, I will just have to load up! Laduree and Pierre Herme won't ship to the US. :(


                                                2. re: LeahBaila

                                                  While I haven't had Itzy's mango, one of the reasons I like her macarons are the "overpowering" flavors. I want to taste the flavor of the macaron as opposed to tasting egg whites and sugar.

                                                  Unfortunately I don't think you're going to find Laduree quality at any of the macaron shops in NYC. Too bad the Laduree thing at the Plaza Hotel didn't work out.

                                          2. re: LeahBaila

                                            Bouchon's are really not good. The big ones are giant. The chocolate coating on the little ones looks strange and the concept is weird. The texture is all off -- they get all kind of gummy and chewy in a bad way.

                                        2. re: firni

                                          Tafu has closed.

                                          There is a pretty comprehensive list here:

                                          1. re: kathryn

                                            I highly recommend Mitzy's macarons from Itzy Bitzy Patisserie. While you can't get them from Tafu anymore (due to its closure), please don't let that stop you. Mitzy is making macarons for me as wedding favors for my upcoming wedding. I am so excited to give these out to my guests. Highly recommended!

                                            1. re: kiworan79

                                              Googling, I see that Itzy Bitzy is Mitzy's company. So now that Tafu has closed, the only way to get her macarons is to order on-line.


                                              As I see it, this poses some problems the biggest one being, the minimum order for shipping to points in NYC is two dozen. While they may arrive in pristine condition, macarons do not keep well. So, unless you are a total macaron-aholic and consume them all in record time or are planning to invite family and friends over for a macaron tasting party, ordering that many doesn't make sense (nor @$2.50 each is it dollar-wise).

                                              Having her make them for a major event, like your wedding, is something else entirely.

                                              I've never tried Mitzy's macarons, so I hope she is looking for another store outlet in Manhattan willing to carry them.

                                              Best wishes to you on your impending marriage.

                                          2. re: firni

                                            - Whole Foods at Columbus Circle (pastries counter). Very large macarons for about $3/each in lemon, raspberry and chocolate. Very fresh, tasty and satisfying.
                                            -Ely's on 3rd Ave/81St - small macarons in a small or large package. Not as good as the ones at Whole Foods and more expensive.

                                        3. the most delicious that I have found here in NYC are at
                                          Madeleine Patisserie - 128 W. 23rd St., between 6th and 7th Ave.


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                                            I concur, Madeleine has the best as far as I've experienced. I've tried Bouchon, Payard, and La Maison du Chocolat, and Madeleine's beats them all by far.

                                          2. My favorite in NYC are from Le Maison du Chocolat. They are a little different than the standard ones, because although they have many flavors, they all have a chocolate disc in the middle. Still amazingly delicious however. A friend recommends Le Petit Belge, on 14th St. Says they're the best he's had since he lived in Paris. I've tried other things there but never the macarons.

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                                              i had some pretty tasty ones from Bouley's takeout market last night. They appeared to have gold and silver dust on them. One traditional and one raspberry. I am now officially on a quest to try all of the others you suggested.

                                            2. Payard still has macarons, and that's where I started my craze. Now my fave is Madaleine's esp the salty caramel. Kee's chocolate has the chocolate filling (dark ganache) for the most part except they also have an amazing rosewater lychee with white choc filling which is the best in the city. Haven't been to La Maison yet but will go with a fellow macaron-hound who will be visiting soon.

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                                              1. re: windycity

                                                THe macarons at La Maison are excellent. In addition, the macarons at Adour are superb. Also, last fall there was an article in Departures magazine about the best macarons to be found in the USA.

                                                1. re: sethd

                                                  La Maison > Bouchon > Bouley > Payard from my perspective.

                                              2. I've been on a macaron kick (obsession!), so I though I'd add my thoughts. First of all, the macaron that kicked it off, and which is imo still tops, is the rose macaron at Nougatine. It is the base for a (vanilla custard?), I think - I can't remember the top because I ordered it for the macaron - YUM. I wish Jean Georges sold them by the box.

                                                Across the Circle, Bouchon Bakery is my next fave. I find the large size a little overwhelming and would prefer smaller (and slightly less filling, although some may like this), but they do give you more for the money. I think these have the perfect texture, slighly crisp on the outside, and soft and chewy inside. My favorite is the vanilla. They have a pumpkin flavored seasonal right now.

                                                I tried Madeleine, and while the macaroons there are the perfect (smaller) size, and love their flavor selection, I found them to be too soft. Not much crunch at all, which pretty much ruined it for me. The rose flavor was too sweet here, but the salty caramel was tasty, as far as flavor goes.

                                                Will try Macaron Cafe and Whole Foods versions next. I wonder if the French Culinary Institute sells them? And while I'd bet that La Maison du Chocolat has great "cookie" parts, am not wild about every macaron having chocolate filling.

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                                                1. re: gnocchicroissant

                                                  Tried Whole Foods macarons: vanilla, pistachio, chocolate. Blech. Too chewy and dense, the word "sawdust" comes to mind. I would not even call these macarons. Ha! My husband even tried softening them up in the microwave briefly (I did not try this). I don't recommend these macarons at all.

                                                  Price wise, 99 cents at Whole foods, and they were slightly smaller then at Madeleine (they were 2 and change there), and Bouchon's were slightly more expensive (and much larger), but still under 3 dollars.

                                                  Btw, in addition to vanilla (amazing) and seasonal pumpkin, the other flavors at Bouchon were chocolate (I'm not a huge chocolate person, but hubby loved is, and loved it), pistachio (good), caramel (yum, but a bit sweet, could not eat one in one sitting), and strawberry (good).