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Oct 4, 2006 03:54 PM

French Macaroons...

I am in search of french macaroons, the sandwich kind. Any thoughts on where I can find these? Payard?

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  1. Probably Fauchon, if anywhere.

    1. Also Bouchon in time warner center.

      1. La Maison du Chocolat has them, as does the French pastry shop in Chelsea Market (Goupil & DeCarlo).

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        1. re: Lucia

          Delicious ones at LaMduC...sold in two sizes, large & small.

        2. I think they're actually "macarons", not "macaroons." I only know b/c my friend was giving me a hard time for misspelling it myself ...

          Anyway, I second John--Bouchon Bakery makes some delicious macarons, the caramel being my favorite.

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          1. re: Kanger

            I want to 3rd the recommendation for Bouchon's. they are fantastic. the ones at Almondine in Dumbo are pretty good too.

          2. I bought some mini ones at Payard recently.