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Oct 4, 2006 03:51 PM

Keystone/Breckenridge ideas needed

Our family (18 of us ranging from 8 to 70 year olds) is travelling to the Keystone - Breckenridge CO area over Christmas. I'm looking for suggestions for a place to take everyone to celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday which is the day after Christmas. A late lunch is what I'm aiming for since we have to be at the Denver airport that evening to depart for home. Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. A really great restaurant is Pug Ryans Steakhouse. Just head to the Dillon Marina, and you can't miss it. Been around forever. Reasonably priced steaks, and other American fare. Very solid restaurant, with a strong local following.

    A good kid friendly place is "The Mint" on Highway 9 in Silverthorne. It is a cook it yourself steak place. I don't love the food (ie. the sides), but it is very kid friendly, and has a cool setting (it is in one of the original buildings from the old town of Dillon that was flooded to make the reservoir. They moved it to the new location before the flood).

    A great place for sandwiches and pizzas is "Jersey Boys". Also right by the marina. Probably better for takeout (not much for atmosphere).

    My favorite breakfast place is "Mountain Lion Inn" on Highway 9 also. Good greasy breakfast chow. It is also in one of the original old Dillon buildings.

    My favorite place to drink (and they have pretty good Mexican food) is the Old Dillon Inn (another original building - are you spotting the trend). This is a locals hangout, but they make everyone feel welcome. I personally don't think this is a very kid friendly place (although there are plenty there). Leave the kiddies at home, and enjoy a night with the locals.

    A foodie oriented restaurant in Summit County is "Seasons" in Frisco (and they have a sister restaurant in Breck which I can't remember the name). They have a great wine list, and upscale eats (at somewhat reasonable prices). Not kid friendly, but delicious. Frisco is a really quant town, and definately worth checking out.

    In Keystone, everyone raves about Aplenglow Stube (in the lodge at the top of North Peak). It is expensive, and I haven't been, but I hear good things (and it will probably be an experience you won't soon forget).

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      Your suggestions have been really helpful -- I'm trying to plan a Thanksgiving dinner in the same area. Do you know of any good places that are open Thanksgiving?

      Any good Mexican food places, in particular, would be a be great. Thanks!

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        The ODI is passable, but Pug Ryan's is about the most revolting restaurant in the area. yoinks.

        Where are you staying? That might make the recs easier.

      2. Thanks so much, your ideas have really helped!!

        1. We were in the area last summer. Several of the dining options at Keystone were disappointing (I can't even remember their names), so... I didn't try Keystones' expensive, and much touted, Alpinglow.

          However we had a great meal at the Alpine Cafe in Breck, and enjoyed Jersey Boys (for pizza etc.) and Sunshine Cafe (for breakfast) both in Frisco). I imagine it will be crowded at the holiday ,so you might want to reserve ahead with a large group. Have Fun!