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Oct 4, 2006 03:39 PM

Good, cheap places in Financial District (Pine & Pearl)?

Someplace under $10, no waiter service please. Already know Alfanoose. Thanks!

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  1. the "Original Soup Man" chain seems to be putting finishing touches on a new branch on Pearl near Stone St.

    Try Financier on Stone St. also.

    Or a slice to go at Adrienne's, also on Stone St.

    1. There are a number of choices on Stone St. In addition to Adrienne's, there's a "carvery" with sandwiches, hot food. There's also a smorgasboard place with Scandanavian food.

      Mangia on Wall St. is another good option and very close to Pine and Pearl.

      1. I recently found Toasties on John between Broadway and Nassau - pretty good sandwiches for under $10. I also really enjoy the Tofu soup at Hanover square cafe and the salads at Rockwells on the corner of Broad and Water. There are also some great carts in the area, the hallal cart on the corner of William and Gold, and the Falafel cart right next to him. I went to a soup cart on William and Wall recently which was tasty and the Mud truck was right next to it.

        1. Try Liberato's on Cedar- great panini's and pizza.