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Oct 4, 2006 03:22 PM

Los Gatos - restaurants

Someone mentioned to me that Los Gatos Brewing Company and Steamers are fun places to eat if you're here by yourself on business (which I am - staying in Redwood Shores). Any thoughts about these places? Thanks!

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  1. I don't think either LGBC or Steamers is worth a drive from Redwood Shores which is a good 45 minutes from Los Gatos with no traffic. Steamers is a small seafood chain with just ok food; I have had some really bad meals there, including a "seared ahi" dish that was completely overcooked. They do have a nice lounge area and a large bar which are both good for single diners, and the appetizer menu (calamari, steamers, etc,) is fine. The Brewing Company is also comfortable for 1, but the food is standard brew pub stuff ala Gordon Biersch or Tide House, i.e. it's not great. There are better restaurants in Los Gatos -- you might try the Sweet Pea Cafe which has very nice crepes. I have heard good things also about Pasteria, Igattis, and Valerianos, but have not dined at any of them. Would be interested in any CH feedback on these 3.

    1. Closer to Redwood Shores, Sneakers in San Carlos is good if you want to grab a game, a burger, and a beer. They have TV's in each booth too. Downtown Burlingame has a handful of restaurants too.

      As for LG, the LGBC has decent food but a little pricey. Their beers are pretty good and the bar area should be somewhat lively.