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Where is the best place in the GTA to get the best apple picking experience? (Include Peel, Durham, York Regions)

Cider, wagons, pies, etc...

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  1. If you want the wagons and pie too, then Chudleigh's is your place. It on Halton 25 just north of Milton. I am told they're really good pies too.

    9528 HWY. 25, Milton, Ontario, L9T 4N9
    Phone: (905) 878-2725

    They get busy though. They do school groups. And its a bit far.


    I prefer Devlin's Orchard on Warden. I think its between Bloomington and Aurora Rds. It might be between Aurora and Davis. They don't have a wagon (or at least didn't last I was there -- 3/4 years ago). I don't remember pies -- but, I'm not a pie fan so what would I know. They do crush their own cider.

    I prefer it because it is quiter and because the orchard is somewhat hemmed in by trees and is secluded and quiet. Chudleigh's was always so communal and festive and busy. Devlin's is little bit of quitude and sanctuary -- an escape from the city.

    1. I'm partial to Ferri's on Heritage Rd. north of Steeles in Brampton. Nice selection, fair prices, no surprises. Good cider, too. Visit them this year since there's a subdivision slated for the orchard areas, alas.Mavis exit on the 401 is the closest connection.

      1. Go to Algoma Apple Orchards in Whitby. You can pick many different varieties and you can even have a tour of the packing facility (much more interesting than you would think). Good bake shop and lots of fun things for kids to do.

        1. Here's a link to Today's Parent Toronto - they have a "farms" listing in their family fun section with lots of pick your own options.

          1. thanks for your replies everyone!

            I was partial to Chudleigh, but they charge for entrance ($6/person)I believe. Do the other ones charge entrance as well?

            Does anyone know which farm have mutsu/crispin and northern spies?

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              I went to Chudleigh's a couple of weeks ago on a Tuesday morning (when it was verry quiet).They waved me through without paying the entrance fee.

            2. I really like Archibalds apple winery and orchards. They do pick your own, and have a beautiful winery full of the best apple/fruit combo wines

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                Archibalds is great. The adults can do a little wine tasting--some are listed VQA at the LCBO. There is a 9 hole golf course that wouldn't take too long to complete. And, when you are done, or before you start, head straight north one or two concessions and go to the Tyrone Mill for fresh cooked apple/cinnamon donuts. They are often still warm when you get them and melt in your mouth. Plus, the kids can get a little tour of a working, turn of the (last) century mill. Don't forget to try the Macoun apples- they are only available this time of year and they are amazing.

                AND, if you are still hungry after all that, head to Enniskillen for a huge Kwaratha Dairies ice cream cone that you can eat at the outdoor picnic tables....and then head back west towards Knox Farms where I believe you can pick up a pumpkin and you might even find a maze the kids can get lost in for a while.

                All in all, a pretty good day in the country.

              2. I don't know about best, but there is only one orchard I go to. My parents used to take me there when I was little, and I have never bothered to try any other place. Watson Farms in Bowmanville, has a good selection of apples and they usually have mutsu which is my favorite eating apple.

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                  yes I used to go to Watson when I was young too, Its pretty good if I recall correctly.. but I still prefer Archibalds

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                    Where is archibalds? the west or east end?

                2. My parents and I used to go to Carl Laidlaw Orchards
                  9496 Heritage Rd.
                  Phone: 905-456-2095

                  They have great mutsu, red delicious and golden delicious (among many others).

                  They also have a large wagon, a petting farm and candy and caramel apples and corn on the cob made in a cauldron for sale!

                  Directions: from Hwy. 401, go N. on Mississauga Rd. to Steeles Ave. Head W. and go S. on Heritage Rd. (the next concession). It's located on the W. side