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Oct 4, 2006 03:00 PM

Hermosa Beach--Dinner Suggestion

We'll be going to a show at the Comedy&Magic Club in Hermosa Bch next Sunday night and since I'm not familiar with this area at all, wondered where a good place for a reasonably priced/delicious meal would be? The club itself has a restaurant but we'd prefer to not eat there as I haven't heard too many positive reviews of this place.

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  1. Il Boccacio on the Pier-walking distance from the Magic Club

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    1. I would go to Petros in Manhattan Beach and then head over. Petros is so good-upscale Greek. But if you want walking distance, I like Mediteraneo. Good tapas and interesting wine. Buona Vita on Pier Ave. has passable food and no corkage fee. Good idea to skip the food at the Comedy and Magic Club, it is terrible.

      1. For a good reasonably priced meal, try Fritto Misto in Hermosa Beach -- the original restaurant is still in Santa Monica. Fritto Misto is walking distance from the Comedy & Magic Club.

        Chowhound reviews of Fritto Misto:

        Fritto Misto
        316 Pier Avenue
        Hermosa Beach
        (310) 318-6098

        1. I would second Fritto Misto for a good and inexpensive meal in that area. It's more casual than the other suggestions, though.

          1. If the Italian Kitchen is still there on the corner of the main drag and the other main drag by the beach, it was good as I recall a year or so ago.