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Solo Eating in Park Slope?

Any suggestions for solo eating in Park Slope? I always seem to end up at the counter at Daisey's.

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  1. I actually always found Tamari very comfortable for eating in. another nice option is getting takeout from Tempo Presto or Chip Shop and eating at the Gate. If it is not crowded Elios can work too.

    1. You can eat at the bar at al di la. Not peaceful necessarily, but great food.

      1. I mean the wine bar at al di la.

        1. I like the garden at the north Slope Olive Vine. That, El Gran Castillo de Jagua, Geido & Mr. Falafel are probably the places I most frequently eat out at in the neighborhood. THe first 3 probably based on stopping off when I get off the B or Q.

          I dine solo more upscale when traveling, but not usually in NY.

          1. i dine at the bar at Beast solo on a weekly basis and always enjoy the food and the vibe

            1. Almost anywhere in Park Slope is fine for solo dining. The only possible exceptions I can think of would be Convivium, Applewood and 12th St. Bar & Grill... and maybe Blue Ribbon, though I've gone solo there with no trauma. As mentioned, Al di la has its bar around the corner; Stone Park & Tempo both have welcoming bars as well. For God's sake, don't settle for Daisey's.

              1. If you are at Daisey's - at 5th Ave. and 9th St.... you could do a lot better. First of all, if Greasy Spoons are your thing.. try Katina's on 7th Ave. and 12th St. Not much better... but better. But even closer to Daisey's you can find
                Kinara - 5th Ave near 13th, good Indian food, 1/2 price lunch menu
                El Taco Nuevo Mexico - decent taco joint on 5th @ 12th, open late
                Bar Toto - better for atmosphere - decent burgers and paninis though - on 6th ave. and 11th.
                Kitchen Bar - 6th Ave. @ 20th - good bar for solo dining... burgers, pastas, and fresh specials

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                  Katina's is gone. Thought it was worse than Daisey's anyway for anything but basic breakfast dishes. Donut place on 7th just n. of 9th is better than both, but as I've lamented on other threads there really aren't any diner-ish options in PS that are even just alright.

                  I second Tacos Nuevo Mexico. In many ways it's the Mexican equivalent of a diner, but much of the menu is pretty damn good, and they're certainly amenable to folks coming in on their own.

                2. Why not 12th St. Bar & Grill? I've been there several times on my own and enjoyed it. I agree with Juanita about Daisy's. It's not terrible, but if there are so many good places to enjoy yourself, why settle?

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                    I only named 12th St. because I've never tried it solo. Passing by, it looked to have an intimidating date vibe to it, but I'm glad to hear that's it's OK. Many places are like that - much warmer & more inviting inside than they appear from outside. My point still stands that almost every single restaurant in the neighborhood acccomodates singles easily. Never fear!

                  2. Surprised no one has mentioned Bonnie's Grill. Sort of perfect for solo dining.

                    1. I definitely second Bonnies. Man, I'm jonesing for a burger right now!!

                      1. Honestly, I think you neednt be limited to counter places - anyplace that is not a lively "date" place or "romantic restaurant" and has enough light to read by would be fine for a solo diner.

                        Civilized dining is not limited to couples! If I were a single I would go where I want to go. If you want to be in an environment where you might meet and talk with others,thats another thing.