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Oct 4, 2006 02:20 PM

Kid's menu/friendly in Park Slope or vecinity

I know, I know... even asking the question seems silly, considering the demographics. But I have a visitor with a 5 year old and I am blanking. La Villa is an option,or I was thinking maybe Long Tang, where she can order fried rice. But maybe there is something else that is more interesting for the adults and has something that could work for her. We have a car, so driving within Brooklyn is an option. Thanks!

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  1. Blue Ribbon is a great place for kids, as is Belleville. And if your 5 year old guest is up for Japanese, Geido is very kid-friendly and has an endless menu. I've also heard good things about Beast.

    1. We had good luck with our kids at Long Tan between the Pad Thai for eating and the open kitchen for the distraction. The food is nothing special though.

      12th St Grill is also a good option with a good kid menu and good food for the adults too. Amorina is also a good choice, with great inventive pizzas.

      Then there is always Chip Shop which is good for what it is and Two Boots, which the kids love but is pretty medicore at best.

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        I think La Villa, Belleville and the Chip Shop are all good suggestions. Also, Cocotte has a deal where kids eat for free (off the kids' menu) early Friday evening. Antonio's is also kid-friendly. Have fun!

      2. La Villa is a really easy place to take a bunch of kids but the food is vapid and since you'll only have one, you can do better. The Farm on Adderley, across the park from you, has a kid's menu that is actually healthful
        and the grownup food is fab.

        1. It sounds lame, but TwoBoots is super kid friendly and I think the food is decent. Also, it's certainly not the real deal, but the red sangria is yummy.