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Oct 4, 2006 02:06 PM

Theatre Dist. French

Hi All,

Going to see a Broadway show this week and as usual, I'm at a loss for a pre-theater meal. Based on the NY Mag food blog (, I made reservations at Tout Va Bien. Has anyone been lately? What's it like?

Here on Chowhound, it seems to have gotten mixed reviews, though none recently. I've also considered Marseille & DB. Any help is appreciated... Thanks.

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  1. Tout va Bien is fun, but not a high end experience. think of a good neighborhood parisian bistro. do not let them push you into buying the old beaujolais on each table.

    chez napoleon is nearby those other places you mentioned and is worth checking out too.

    marseille is a little higher price point than these two, but is a more polished experience. its part of the french roast family, so its a little americanized. the other two are very frency feeling.

    for example - tout va bien serves tete de veau. (face of calf) freaky (i've had it). chez napolean serves crispy sweatbreads. another freaky treat i've had.

    choose based on what kind of experience you want...and have fun.

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      Thanks AKR. Just how "not high end" is Tout Va Bien? Are we talking dive?

      Any other reports?

      1. re: AKR

        I'll second Marseille. Had dinner there Sat night, good solid food, nice place. Well worth the $$ (wasn't so expensive, check out their website at

      2. Tout va Bien is by no means a dive, It just is a place that has been around forever, and looks like it. The staff are incredibly nice and the food ranges from okay to quite good, they have a good deal for pre theatre and the bottles of old Beaujolais are no longer on the tables. I think it has a lot more personality than Marseille.

        1. TvB has more personality for sure, and I like it (eaten there probably half dozen times), but its no way as polished in ambience as Marseille or (even) Chez Napoleon.

          All are worth visiting. TvB is probably the cheapest; you ought to be able to get out of there for $30-40 per person.