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Oct 4, 2006 01:46 PM

monday nite in south beach

one nite only...where to eat?...not looking for touristy or pretentious...price not an issue...thanks

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  1. If price and scene aren't an issue, the only other parameters we would need are location (and/or transportation availability) and cuisine. Please help us narrow it down for you. :-)

    1. My first pick would be Talula (on Collins around 23rd St.) but unfortunately they are closed on Mondays.

      I like Mark's (in the Nash Hotel on Collins and 11th) but it depends on your idea of pretentious. It is somewhat highbrow food and quite pricey but I think it's well done and they do a nice job of incorporating local ingredients. Because it's sort of out-of-the-way (inside the hotel in a downstairs space) it tends not to be as touristy as other South Beach places.

      Somewhat off the radar screen these days, but I still think it's good, is Yuca (on Lincoln Road toward the east end). This was one of the original "Floribbean" or "Mango Gang" restaurants and I still think they do a great job on upscale nuevo latino food. The guava BBQ ribs are fantastic.

      1. we'l be in south beach...thinking of staying at the clinton...any opinions welcome...marks sounds good...been to yuca...was wonderful and creative...other ideas?...thanks

        1. Haven't tried it yet, but the Clinton is supposed to have an interesting new restaurant called 8 1/2:

          Also new and untested (by me) is a place called Fifty on Ocean south of 5th

          Don't know what's up with all the new numbered names for restaurants.

          Sorry I can't speak from personal experience on either of these. You can probably find both of them reviewed in Miami New Times or in the Miami Herald's restaurant reviews:

          1. OLA on Ocean.

            Smith and Wollensky


            Osteria del Teatro


            it's all good...