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Oct 4, 2006 01:32 PM

Norfolk, near Chrysler Museum

Anyone know of good lunch & dinner in Norfolk,VA near the Chrysler Museum?

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  1. If you are planning to visit the museum, they have a restaurant in the building that would be good for lunch. We ate there a few years ago. It's still run by the same company and the food was quite good. The menu was limited but of high quality. I don't remember what my husband and son had but my daughter had a mac and cheese made from 7 different cheeses, then baked. Mine was a stacked grilled vegetable dish with a tasty tomato sauce. These two dishes were memorable. Check the website for their hours:

    1. Depending upon what you like, there are several good places nearby on Granby St downtown or on Colley or 21st in Ghent.

      The Green Onion on Colley is supposed to be good - it's very new and small with a young chef.(dinner)

      The Winehouse in Ghent on Colley is very close to the museum (close enough to walk!) and is very good with something for everyone. I had a Brie/Duck Quesadilla there that was amazing.
      626 W. Olney Rd.,
      Norfolk, VA 23507
      Phone 757-622-7777

      Empire Little Bistro downtown on Granby is fun if you,re into the small plate sharing thing. (dinner only)

      I've heard great things about 456 Fish also on Granby(dinner only I think)

      good luck and have fun!