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Oct 4, 2006 01:17 PM

decent delivery options: Somerville/Medford/Tufts

My doctor has put me on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy.
Can those of you who dial up lunch and dinner in the Somerville/Medford/Tufts help me start a stockpile of takeout ideas from places that will deliver?

I'm making quick meals at home but not supposed to be on my feet for too long (and my skills aren't so good: takes me double time).

My old standby for delivery -- Urban Gourmet -- is off the list. I gave them one last chance 2 weeks ago. Took 75 minutes to get a meatball sub and the grilled chicken pasta, which arrived without any sauce.


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  1. Are you able to eat pizza? If so, Pinky's in Medford delivers to that neighborhood. Their pizza is pretty good, though not as good as Nick's on Boston Ave., in my opinion. Nick's should be able to deliver, too.

    1. Wangs Chinese and the Indian Resto in Union Square were my standbys when I lived in Somerville. I also liked Mr. B's for pizza.

      Does WuChon deliver?

      1. What an interesting challenge! Good luck with the bed rest.

        I second Wang's - you can even get ready-to-heat stuff to keep in the fridge!
        Some of the brazilian churrascurias up broadway deliver, too (I'm pretty sure MonteCristo on broadway does (617) 628-8458). It's not belo-style cafeteria, btw.
        The new Haitian place in Magoun Square delivers but I haven't tried it yet.
        As a ball-square-ish chowhound I bet you already know this, but Golden Jade is a big no-no. Yuck!
        SoundBites delivers breakfast and lunch, although I have trouble imagining any eggs tasting good after a trip in the car.

        Urban has been on the rocks recently, but I think they're making the hurdles now. I had the no-sauce problem for a while too. Although as you'll see from the link, I really want them to get back on track:

        1. Cafe Rossini (highland ave) delivers. Great pizza, sandwiches, salads and baked goods. Good soups in the cold weather too.

          1. I LOVE East Asia, esp their kung pao chicken which i have posted about before. I think they deliver, don't they? Right in Powderhouse Sq, around the corner from Urban Gourmet, I'm sure you are familiar with them. Some of their stuff is hit or miss, we got their veggie lo mein once and it wasn't so good, hardly any veggies and fairly flavorless. But...that kung pao chicken, or the garlic chicken..stock full o' veggies and a spicy sweet sauce, velvety chicken, can't get enough of it!Wish I loved closer. Good luck with the, eat eat!

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              Definitely delivery. I don't think I've ever seen more than one table in East Asia occupied, and I can't say I'd want to eat in there either even though the food is pretty good and the people are very nice.