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Oct 4, 2006 01:05 PM

Roberto Donna in Crystal City

If I heard correctly, Roberto Donna is opening in the Oyamel space in Crystal City while his digs on 20th Street undergoes renovation.

Does anyone know what the VA restaurant will be called? Is it open yet? Is it more trattoria? Has anyone seen a menu?


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  1. It's called Bebo Trattoria:

    "On the menu at Bebo: the paninis made famous by his occasional lunch grill at Galileo, pizza, antipasti and other small plates. Prices will very friendly with antipasti ranging from $4-$9 and entrees priced from $10-$19. Wines by glass will start at $5.

    Also look for a family style brunch on Sundays."

      1. Somewhere (weekly dish?) I saw that he intends to have fried rabbit and artichokes on the menu. That will make me hurry over once I hear they've opened.

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          Do go to Bebo. It is fantastic, especially starters, soups and pastas. Do NOT have the fried rabbit and artichoke. When I had it last week it was tough and soggy.

        2. The original comment has been removed