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Oct 4, 2006 12:39 PM

Meat blintzes?

Anybody got a recipe for these? There's a deli out Geary in SF that sometimes has them and they are marvelous. There's ground meat with some kind of sauce as binder with maybe a hint of tomato in it.

I'd like to make a batch of these for the freezer. Also, they seem like a good potluck offering.

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  1. Sharuf,
    Maybe you are thinking of meat kreplach? Kind of like pot-stickers, they are either pan-fried and served as an appetizer, or are dropped into soup as a sort of wontonish dumpling.

    Blintzes are essentially crepes, and the batter is made with milk, eggs, and flour---which wouldn't work with a meat filling, i.e. you'd be mixing meat and dairy. Few cooks would do this, even those who don't keep kosher.
    I wish I had my MIL's kreplach recipe!
    good luck, p.j.

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      No, not kreplach, - blintzes. I've only had them at two places, one was a Jewish deli-restaurant in the SF theater district, and the other was at the afore-mentioned deli which I believe is Russian, so maybe the kosher thing is not an issue there. They are the same size and shape as cheese blintzes and have a crepe wrap.

    2. My late lamented grandma made pareve blini/crepes which she filled with a ground-beef, onion and seasonings mixture. To my regret, I don't have the receipe.

      Nor do I know what liquid she used to make the crèpes.

      But she kept a very kosher kitchen, so I know that meat blintzes are possible. I enjoyed them frequently while she was alive and cooking.

      1. My DW gave me "The Stare" when I mentioned that my mother made potato blintzes growing up. She a real traditionalist when it comes to some of her ethnic recipes. Blintzes are Cheese, Full Stop.

        Like many people on the thread lamenting about lost recipes from the past, I am a stalker, taking notes on napkins and sneaking into my office to preserve for the kids.

        I little of this, a smidgen of that just don't work when my daughters are looking for a copy of the "Jfood intro to cooking."

        1. I have been making meat blintzes for years for my family. It was my moms recipe a nd I adapted it for kosher blintzes by just not using milk in the blintz recipe. Then meat is any meat that is cooked enough to grind. I usually use brisket that is leftover from a dinner. I add an onion in the grinder, salt and pepper to taste and an egg. I don't have the measurements as I go by taste but when I make them again, I will try to mea sure and let u know. If u do not keep kosher, just make a normal blintz recipe. After making the blintz, just fill it with the meat filling, fold a small square,rather than a long blintz. (as in cheese blintzes) and when you are ready to eat, fry in pan with either chicken fat or oil. They freeze beautifully, which I do when I make a large batch.. They we fry them later on. Hope this helps

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          1. re: Roseyr

            Yes, my Mom made them this way also, with brisket, except she did not include the egg. Her story was that I would not eat the cheese ones when I was very young, so she "invented" meat blintzes! I'm sure that was a slip of the memory, and she got her recipe from her Galitzianer mother. Anyway, its then applesauce for the cheese blintzes, and sour cream for the meat ones. Kosher? What's that? ;-)

            1. re: Roseyr

              Looking forward to an actual recipe. Thanks.