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Oct 3, 2006 08:09 AM

Mariscos Truck that used to be on E. 14th?

I was wondering if you remember the mariscos truck on E. 14th in the (used to be) empty lot across from Goodwill. Do you recall what the HQ's address or contact number was? Or maybe just where they park the truck now? Thanks.

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  1. I think that was Mariscos La Costa. Those folks have brick and mortar place now with open-air seating -
    Mariscos La Costa Restaurant [Fruitvale]
    3625 International, at 37th
    Still super, get the aguachile.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      thanks much Mdub, you're quick! yups, i would always gravitate back to the aguachile back in the truck days. btw, i don't know if it still applies, as it's been years upon years, but i recall having really excellent horchata, very creamy and "heung" - best i'd had to that point and possibly since - from the small torta/jugos/licuados type spot on east 14th (same side as the mariscos lot - not the one 2 doors down - a few blocks toward the murder-dubs. think it was close to where the main "stroll" was; hehe, can i be less specific).