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Oct 4, 2006 09:24 AM

Cajun/Creole in San Diego?

Are there any good spots around SD for Cajun/Creole food? I used to like going to Shermans on El Cajon Blvd. for a quick buffet but they've been closed for a while. Anybody know whatever happened to Shermans? It seemed like one day they were there and the next they were a Vietnamese restaurant.

Anyway, where do SD locals go to get their Cajun/Creole fix?

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  1. Some good places I have had or have heard good things about:

    Fix Me a Plate in La Mesa
    Magnolia is Southeast SD

    1. Bud's Lousiana Food Shoppe at 2034 Kettner

      Gulf Coast Grill on Park just past El Cajon, across the street from Henry's.

      Magnolias on Euclid in the back of the Food 4 Less shopping center, about a mile or 2 south of the 94. There is an orange line trolley stop at this shopping center. And Magnolia's is very good, excellent catfish, hush puppies and the collards are out of this world. The bread pudding is very tasty but, I find, a bit on the heavy side.

      each list restaurants by cuisine so you can check for other options.

      1. Bud's Louisiana Food Shoppe is great. They're on Kettner, and many people from NOLA have told me how authentic they find the food there.

        1. I will also second Buds. In PB Cass does a decent gumbo on the cheap. Château Orleans puts forth a good effort as well; popovers w/ honey butter are solid. I've been to Mardi Gras cafe in the Sportsaloma area a few times, had the etoufee, muffaleta, and a po boy, not bad (I prefer buds), but it will scratch the itch. Is it April yet? (jazzfest).


          1. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll definitely be trying those. I saw a Larry Himmel report on a place called Bonnie Jean's on the news last week, not really informative though. Anyone here heard of that place?