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Oct 4, 2006 07:40 AM

Visiting Montreal for four days

We are taking the train across Canada at the end of October and after the weekend in Toronto will spend four days in Montreal - very excited and look forward to some great food - Frenchy, steak and whatever gems Hounds can suggest. Love ethnic food (come from LA where there's lots of that). Appreciate your suggestions.

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  1. Sounds like a gorgeous autumn trip. Always wanted to do that with Via Rail... As for resto suggestions there are tons on this board. If u want ethnic food I suggest the multi-ethnic area such as Little Italy, Cotes-des-Neiges, Jean Talon street(Indian food). Bonne Apetite!

    1. can you elaborate on the trip? I'd love to do that. where do you get the train from and where does it take you?

      thanks so much

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        We are taking the train from Vancouver to Toronto, three nights and four days (arrives in Toronto at 8pm the third day). Stops at Jasper and a few other places but just for half an hour or so each stop. Fare includes all meals, bunk beds in a sleeper and use of the Dome car to see all the sights - lots of leaves turning I hope. Scenery should be just marvellous at this time (or any time) of year. Great price too at the end of the season. Its through VIA railways - you can book on online or through their 877 number.

      2. We really loved Bonaparte (Auberge & Restaurant) - it's in a great, pretty part of town as I recall and the food was scrumptious - we got a tasting menu. (Even the ground pepper was delish.)

        447, rue Saint-François-Xavier
        Montréal (Québec) H2Y 2T1

        1. La Montée de Lait
          Robin des Bois