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Oct 4, 2006 06:48 AM

Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Celiac Safe Restaurants or Cafe's in Chicago

Greetings all!

I recently moved to Chicago from Toronto and I have been looking for a Celiac-saavy restaurant or Cafe. Can anyone suggest places for me to check out?

Whether it is a place that has Celiac considerations on their menu, or a cafe/coffee shop that offers a gluten free dessert or sweet options as a part of their selection.

I do the whole calling ahead to the restaurant thing, eating at Whole Foods, but I was wondering if anyone can direct me to specific venues to check out.

I have heard of a couple, such as:

MUSE CAFE (817 N Milwaukee @ Chicago) - They sell some Wheat/Gluten Free stuff that tastes like regular desserts, but no meals.

DaLUCIANO's - ( I haven't been here yet but it has been highly recommended. Hubby and I will likely go for our anniversary. I'll update this post should anyone wish to read a report!

Any advice on other places to check out would be awesome.


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  1. A colleague of mine who needs wheat/gluten free meals has said that Wildfire is incredibly helpful in pointing out which menu items are okay for her.
    I want to say that the menu even has a gluten free section, or designation, or something. But I haven't been in a while so I can't recall for sure.

    1. Welcome to Chicago!
      - As mentioned above, Wildfire has a gluten free menu (ask). They have a great gf bun for the burgers.. if you are there at dinner, ask for one on the side if you want bread.
      - The Weber Grill just recently has added a gluten free menu.
      - Adobe Grill (wicker park and at North/Wells) has a gluten free menu (great guac served with jicama chips)
      - Vinci (on Halsted near North Av) has a gluten free menu - awesome polenta appitizer.
      - Fogo de Chao (brazilian). Almost everything is GF (except bread at salad bar). The little cheese buns served at the table are made with tapioca flour!
      - If you are ever north... Bonefish Grill in Northbrook, Michell's fish market in Glenview, Flemings Steakhouse and another Wilfire in Lincolnshire all have GF menus, too.

      in the northern 'Burbs

      1. Hi

        apparently Vinci and Adobo Grill have gluten-free menus:

        Adobo Old town location
        Adobo Wicker Park location

        Citysearch has a list of low-carb options

        For more discussion on gluten-free dining see

        1. Think Cafe on Western Avenue will make Gluten-free pasta for you during off-peak hours (bring your own pasta)...Sunday thru Thursday. This is a great restaurant and even's BYOB.

          I have Celiac disease as well. Here are several cuisines that traditionally offer a ton of gluten-free items;
          Greek Food: Try Greek Islands & Santorini
          Middle Eastern: Babylon, Kan Zamman, Old Jerusalem, Middle Eastern Bakery (lot's of fresh made eats here for take-out but don't eat the bread), Al Kayyamm, Noon-O-Kabab, Reza's, and Andies.
          Mexican: Pancho Pistolas, Fernando's on Lincoln Avenue, Salpicon, Chipotle Grill, etc.
          Indian: Viceroy on Devon Avenue, Ghandi on Devon Avenue

          Gluten-free baked goods: There's a bakery at Webster and Sheffield (can't remember the name) that stocks gluten-free baked goods. Also, can you recommend a gluten-free brand of bread crumbs?

          FYI: I you haven't already tried Pamemla's Pancake mix it's fantastic! It's available at Whole Foods and Treasure Island.

          1. Welcome to town!

            One of the over-night radio hosts has celiac, and in checking in the show's Yahoo group I found this posting:
            of resources for restaurants in the area. It looks like some of the places have been mentioned in this thread, but there's probably more information to be mined in there for you.