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Delicious, maybe unique, but definitely off the beaten path?

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Our foursome is looking for a Sunday adventure. We've done Old Town, downtown, Georgetown, Hyattsville, Adams Morgan, Capitol Hill, Del Ray, Dupont, Rockville, Silver Spring.

What are we missing?

Maybe its a little further out or takes an hour to get to, but we are curious about finding something new and in some way special.

Any great finds?


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  1. Thai on Columbia Pike in Arlington (Thai Square or Bangkok 54)

    Eden Center in Falls Church for Vietnamese and a larger experience.

    Wheaton for thai (Ruan) or Salvadoran (El Pulgarcito) and many other options.

    Joe's Noodle House in Rockville

    Ethiopian along U Street.

    Soul Food along U street area (Oohs and Aaahs, Fla Ave Grill, Ohio - though I've not been yet to the Ohio).

    Search this board for any of this and you'll find the details.

    1. If you are talking about Sunday afternoon, then you can't do better than Pyramid, the Moroccan place at 6th and Florida, NW.

      For Sunday dinner nearby, hit Etete near 9th and U, NW for Ethiopian food.

      Please do a search on this board for specific recs.

      1. If you wish to venture well out of the city, you might try the fried chicken at the Red Rooster in Damascus. Or, head out to Fairfax and try Sunday lunch at Minerva, followed by a shopping expedition to Super H and/or Wegmans. Even further, at Rt. 50 and Rt. 28 near the SE corner of the Dulles Airport property is Sichuan Village. There are also several places around Herndon/Chantilly?Sterling which Dennis S and others have remarked upon, but with which I am not personally acquainted--try a search.

        1. Korean in Annandale. Yechon is 24/7 and the parking lot is even more packed at midnight than at 7:00. Don't let them warn you off something just because you're American. 4121 Hummer Road, right off the Beltway and Little River Turnpike. Lots of other tasty Korean options out there too.

          1. Brunch at Colorado Kitchen

            1. If the weather's nice, go further. Drive west, visit a couple or few of the Virginia wineries, then go to Four and Twenty Blackbirds for brunch/lunch. Wineries usually open for tasting at 11:00. Four and twenty will take you if you get there by 2:00.

              1. Fall is the BEST time for hot steamed crabs.
                Drive down to CAPTAIN BILLY'S CRAB HOUSE on Popes Creek Road in Newburg (Charles County, 15 miles south of Waldorf)301-932-4323 www.captbillys.com. The crabs aren't on the website menu
                so call ahead.
                Maryland's oyster season just opened for tonging and diving. No dredging yet so these oysters are clean and sweet. They are fat and salty this year because of the dry weather. VA has had some problems on the James but MD should have a fantanstic season!
                Go enjoy the last of the crabs and the start of the oysters. On your way back, stop off at Johnny Boy's Ribs along the road at La Plata for great carry-out for the next day. You'll be too full from Captain Billy's to eat it then.

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                  Stick to the crabs at Captain Billy's because everything else there is ordinary at best. Skip the crab soup, the crabcakes, and everything else.