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Oct 4, 2006 06:32 AM

El Monte Burger joint and points eastward!

Thats right, lets see if anyone knows of some good burger joints east of El Monte. And lets not post any In N Out locatiions, we all know about them.

My joint.

Art's the Art of Burgers.
11629 E. Valley Blvd.
El Monte CA.
626 442 7554

It used to be called Take In or Out and has been there for QUITE awhile. It looks like an ORIGINAL In N Out location but I understand that In N Out has never closed a location. So this is just an imitation. Amazingly the burgers look like it came out of an In N Out. And your saying why is this a good spot. The burgers have the same quality as In N Out, the fries are WAY better and the Onion Rings are out standing. Not to mention there Hot Dogs are pretty good too! But the special thing that I like is the Chili. Have it on a burger or dog either way it's good. It's not your traditional american chili, more like a chorizo chile.
.99 cent burgers Wednesday & Thursday - drive thru, outside tables or park it and eat.

Funny, first joint is an In N Out wannabe!


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  1. Yaniki;s, east of the 605 on Valley. Really goos, and yeas Art's is good.

    1. Bravo Burger in San Dimas is pretty good

      1. Is City of Industry east of El Monte?

        I need a map, but I think it's south and east.

        1. Forgot to add Alpha Omega in Covina. Good Greek-owned style drive-through burgers.

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          1. re: Ernie

            Yeah, Alpha Omega is great.

            Especially because they sell their gravy separately, which I add to the chili cheese fries.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              i've been making my way westward from san dimas to the 605 trying different hamburger spots - last weekend i went bj's and covina burger at barranca and san bernadino - bj's had a great combo meal or $5 - double cheese ( 1/2 lb burger ) a huge bag of fries and a soda , for some crazy reason, i tried the pastrami sandwich at covina burger...big mistake...after reading this post, i went to omega for lunch - i must have been there on a bad day - ordered a patty melt and onion rings - took 3 minutes to get someone to acknowledge me in the drive-thru - another 2 minutes before they actually took my order, i then drove up to the window - there was another car waiting for their order. i was waiting a full 5 minutes ( and yes, i looked at my watch ) during that time the car in front of me honked every 30 seconds - the car finally sped away - i drive up to the window just in time to hear the lady scream - "the f-ing b@@ch just drove off !!" she sees me and says, " yea ...that will be $5.85 " why didn't i drive off !! there version of patty melt - toasted wheat bread cheese a thin patty, tomato, lettuce, raw onion. large bag of crappy onion rings ...i won't be back !!!

          2. Come on people! Lets have some adresses, I feel a road trip coming on!