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Oct 4, 2006 06:27 AM


The wait at the restaurants in Brooklyn that are really good is sometimes too much to bear. One night we drove by AL DI LA and the wait was almost an hour. We tried to get into NOODLE PUDDING and HENRY'S END... 45 min wait.

It seems that many of the restaurants that are really good do not take reservations and always have long line. The restaurants you can get into are almost empty, and not very good.

Where would you all suggest going in that situation?

We got totally fed up and just went over and had dinner at the HEIGHT'S CASINO .

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      We've encountered a wait at Downtown Atlantic at prime time on weekends as well. You might try Tempo--good food, but doesn't seem to be as crowded as some others of the same quality.

      1. re: Marion Morgenthal

        Actually, it's good the hear that Downtown Atlantic is full up at prime times on the weekends. Any restaurant that's not full at those times is either brand new or awful or a place that's going to close due to lack of business.

        One other point for those not familiar with Downtown Atlantic and Tempo. Aside from being 2 miles apart (important for those without cars) they are different types of restaurants. Downtown Atlantic serves well made standard and New American fare at reasonable prices. Tempo serves Italian/Mediterranean cuisine in a more upscale atmosphere and your meal will likely cost at least 50% more.

        Both are good choices.

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      1. I've never had trouble walking in at chestnut, god knows why...the food being as tasty as it is, they should have a que.

        1. Al di La's wine bar serves the same menu as the main restaurant and frequently can seat you as a walk-in, when tables are unavailable in the main restaurant.

          Stone Park: sit at the bar if tables/reservations are unavailable.
          Applewood: ditto, as Stone Park, above.

          1. We don't like to have dinner at the bar of a restaurant. The experience is never the same.

            Agree about CHESTNUT, but the Prix Fixe is only on Tuesday and Wednesday. APPLEWOOD is not my cup of tea.

            I was hoping for some strategy for getting into the really good places that don't take reservations.

            I guess we can always fall back on the CASINO.

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            1. re: Fleur

              "Agree about CHESTNUT, but the Prix Fixe is only on Tuesday and Wednesday. "

              You didnt specify you were after Prix Fixe. I've actually never even had the Prix Fixe at chestnut....we typically have had an app or two between us and then entrees. Rarely hungry enough for 3 courses when I've gone. The prices are quite reasonable without the set meal deal.