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Oct 4, 2006 06:08 AM

For Those of you Travelling to New Orleans

New Orleans has many restaurants. After all, it is one of the culinary destinations of the world. However, if you want traditional French Creole cuisine that dates back 100 years or more, then there are two restaurants that are still operated by the descendants of the French founders: Antoine's (1840) and Galatoire's (1905). Brennan's is also still run by the descendants of the original proprietor, but it is slightly younger-1915-and the founder and his descendants (who still operate the restaurant) are Irish. No ethnic slur intended; Brennan opened the restaurant on a dare from the French culinary experts of New Orleans at the time that an Irishman could never be as successful in New Orleans as the French restaurateurs. BOY, DID HE PROVE THEM WRONG!!!! Additional restaurants that continue the old-school French Creole cuisine are Tujague's and Arnaud's, although they are no longer operated by the founding family. The cuisine is, however, still authentic French Creole. Broussard's and Sbisa may also by considered among the traditional restaurants of the Big Easy, but they have ventured somewhat from traditional French Creole cuisine. There are many newer restaurants, including Emeril's establishments, but the ones mentioned above are the old-line, or "Grandes Dames" French Creole restaurants in the Vieux Carre (French Quarter for those of you who are not from Louisiana). Commander's Palace is also a dining icon in New Orleans; however, it is in the Garden District and not in the Quarter. The food is great; but, again, it has tended to venture somewhat away from the 100+ year-old French Creole style.

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  1. Last time I walked by Sbisa was closed with no sign of opening. What will happen to that great mural? We should preserve that in some sort of way. Does anyone have knowledge about the future of this space.

    1. Thanks for the great summary. For those of us who will be visiting, can you suggest additional places that are convenient to the convention center and the French Quarter that might be casual, not expensive, not necessarily require reservations, and able to handle small groups (6-10)?

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        Businesses that are open and their operating hours are still somewhat different than pre-Katrina. Check out Deanie's on Iberville in the Quarter, around the corner from Galatoire's, if it is open. Great casual South Louisiana-style seafood. Website: The Gumbo Shop on St. Peters a couple of doors down from Pat O'Briens is open and has great authentic Louisiana dining. Website: Brennan's Remoulade on Bourbon St. is also open. A casual version of the world-famous Brennan's on Royal St. Most importantly, check with the concierge at your hotel or call before going because many restaurants are not yet operating at their normal hours pre-Katrina.

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          Deanie's in the Quarter certainly isn't open (search this board for previous posts re: Deanies).

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            Remoulade is not connected to any branch of the Brennan family. It's a casual offshoot of Arnaud's.

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              Sorry about the error. Remoulade is definitely an offshoot of Arnaud's, not Brennan's.

        2. Below link to restaurant openings, updated daily...
          by Tom Fitzmorris

          Also check out...

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            Sorry about the error. Remoulade is definitely an offshoot of Arnaud's, not Brennan's. Also, Deanie's in Bucktown is open. The French Quarter location is still working on reopening. Was supposed to reopen this summer.

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              No need to apologize. We all hear to share information.

              Have you eaten good food at Remoulade? I ducked in once before a concert at House of Blues and wasn't too impressed. It might have been an off night.

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                Been in a couple of is okay, but prices are a little too touristy for my tastes. I recall a ridiculously overpriced plate of red beans & rice; good enough food, but a helluva markup for a dead-simple dish available all over town WAY cheaper.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. When you mentioned "traditional Creole", I can't believe you did not mention Bon Ton (Magazine 1/2 block on the downtown side of Poydras). Not to take away from any of the institutions you mentioned but not only is it near the Convention Center, it's got to be in my top ten in the city. The crabmeat au gratin is NOT to be missed and even the house salad makes you crave for more. The waitresses have been working there probably longer than you have been alive and the drinks are great. Only open during the week however...and if you want lunch on Friday, get there 10:50AM.