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Oct 4, 2006 05:19 AM

Dinner on my own in SF tomorrow nite--Zuni ok for solo woman?

In town for business, only one night (sigh). I usually pull up a stool at Slanted Door when this happens, but I have been hearing about Zuni. What do you think? I prefer an upscale place where eating in the bar area is an option (if that is not too much of a contradiction). Any thoughts on Zuni or alternate recommendations would be most appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Zuni really doesn't have a good bar to eat dinner at. You'd probably inherit a two-top. I'd rather eat at the dinner-counter at Boulevard any day.

    1. Thanks--I have been to Boulevard and really liked it, but would like to try something new. Any other suggestions? Do Myth or Incanto have a bar where you can eat? Last time I ate at the bar at the old Redwood Room (I think it is Asia de Cuba)but was underwhelmed by the food.

      1. The bar at Zuni doesn't have stools, I believe. But I am sure you'll be treated very well as a solo diner there at a table.

        I have had dinner at the bar at Incanto several times, and I love it. It's one of my favorite solo dining spots, actually. The stools are comfortable, there's lots of elbow room, and it's an active/interesting area without ever being bustling or loud.

        From what i recall of Myth, the bar is very social/active and there will probably be people standing around you drinking and chatting while you're dining.

        1. Here's my post from last year on eating at the bar at Delfina by myself.

          Pesce or Incanto would be other good choices. You might want to check out Zuni and if the seating doesn't suite you, head over to Cav next door. It's a wine bar but the kitchen makes some very delicious things.

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            Here's a second vote for Zuni/Cav. I don't eat out very much any more, but I've been to Cav three times (twice at the bar) in the past month. Its quite nice.

          2. Just what I was looking for---thanks!