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Oct 4, 2006 05:12 AM

In Celebration of Spinach!!

I was at my local market in Central Coast CA this past weekend and happy to see fresh spinach back in the produce section. Spinach isn't my favorite green, but I've been missing it and concerned about the impact on local farms and businesses.

I plan to celebrate the return of spinach by making Marcella's spinach and ricotta gnocchi and her crespelle w/ spinach and prosciutto. I also enjoy fresh spinach salad w/ bacon, red onion, shaved mushroom, and sherry vinaigrette.

How will you celebrate spinach? Ideas and recipes appreciated.

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  1. Happy just to wilt it (regular, not baby) in olive oil with as much garlic as I can find and some hot pepper flakes.

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      you are so right...i love to sautee organic spinach in evoo and lots of garlic and then stuff it into a scooped out whole wheat heavily seeded italian hero..add a cold beer or a good barolo and life is good!

    2. I love to throw spinach into a quick breakfast frittata with thinly sliced potatoes and feta cheese. Speaking of feta, that's one of my favorite pairings with spinach, from spanikopita, to combining the two with some breadcrumbs and other things as a filling for stuffed peppers, to just tossing the two in with some penne for an easy dinner.

      1. Spinach rice is on the menu tonight, just to pep up some boring white jasmine.