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Oct 4, 2006 05:01 AM

Soup Dumplings in Chinatown

My daughter is addicted to Soup Dumplings from Joe's Ginger on Pell St. The one time I went there with her, the 'soup' was too fatty and rancid. True, it may just have been an off day, but there has to be better in Chinatown. Suggestions?

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  1. Thats why it closed down. Personally, I enjoy Yeah shanghai delux (bayard street) and Shanghai cafe(mott st).

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    1. re: csw

      I second Yeah Shanghai Deluxe for soup dumplings.

    2. The shrimp soup dumplings at NYNoodletown.

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      1. re: serious

        Those aren't soup dumplings (xiaolong bao); they're dumplings IN soup.

      2. Joes Shanghai is the best, this is an objective known fact. In my opinion at least.

        By the way those shrimp wontons at NY noodle town are really really good.

        I tried Shanghai cafe with my cousin, at least i think so. Does it have red checkered table cloths? I thought there dumplings were decent for dumplings, but in the realm of soup dumplings did not compare to Joe's Shanghai(which also has amazing, shanghai noodles, and salt and pepper shrimp)

        1. i second Joe's Shanghai. I always get a whole order of soup dumplings just for myself. But be careful- those suckers are boiling hot and there is potential for sqirting hot soup on the person sitting next to you (whom you may or may not know due to their seating policy).

          their green beans and orange beef are also delicious.

          1. Sadly, I have to also second Joe's Shanghai as one of the best despite their horrendous service and overly crowded establishment. I really enjoy New Green Bo and Yeah Shanghai Deluxe as a solid alternative with other authentic dishes to boot.

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              I never had a huge problem with service at Joes Shanghai. Just make sure you immidieatley ask for an order of crab and pork when you sit down. Also try and establish a rappor with one of the waiters.
              By they way these are the ultimate hangover food!!
              Unfortunately you occasionally get batches that are a little dryed out.

              1. re: gastrognome

                I've never had a problem with service either. oh wait, there is one problem. You need to be careful so that they won't take the steamer away too soon. I like the cabbage they lay down under the dumplings and if you're not careful that will disappear in a second. That cabbage soaks up a lot of juices during the steaming which makes it a tasty treat (much like with corned beef). Of course, the dumplings are the main attraction and if the cabbage vanishes after you've thoroughly enjoyed the dumplings, well... it's not a total loss. I haven't found a thinner, more delicate skin anywhere in chinatown yet. Sure, I've had some delicious soup dumplings but none have had that skin!

                1. re: gastrognome

                  I think most popular Chinatown establishments have RUSHED service occasionally and this types of places may startle those who are used to a slower hustle and bustle thats all. The service isn't terrible as long as you're used to it I suppose.

                  The waiters there I've noticed remove things very quickly from the table (may not be finished either), "wait" nearby for people finish so they can clear the tables for other people who are waiting, and bang/clang the table occasionally when cutting around to avoid the human traffic.

                  1. re: gastrognome

                    Love the dumplings, but the service is usually poor. They always ask if we want the dumplings and once when we didn't order them we got a "hurrrrumph" from the waiter. Hard to establish rapport, especially when it's busy.

                    But when you go to a place like that with crowded community tables and zero ambiance, you go for the food not the service.

                    All the noodle dishes I've tried have been very good, as well as the salt and pepper shrimp. Their hot and sour soup is Shanghai style, so expect a few surprises.

                  2. re: Foodaholic

                    Joe's Shanghai is decent, but I'm going to argue for New Green Bo after many (many.) taste tests - go and enjoy...

                    1. re: theannerska

                      ive heard the New Green Bo hypothesis floated around several times. I tried their soupers and was not really impressed. I will go back again, when I am in the states next and give them another chance. As of yet nothing has beaten a good batch of Joe's finest.