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Oct 4, 2006 04:58 AM

where to buy mini corn tortillas?

hey hounds. i'm looking for a market or similar that sells the mini corn tortillas, about 4" diameter. i'm throwing a cocktail party this weekend and need about 60 pieces for small bites (doing a braised cuban pork with chunky red onion guac) =) i saw an old post for la palma but maybe people have other recs? i live in daly city so somewhere close by is good, as far as mission is ok.

i'd use a cookie cutter on the larger corn tortillas but that seems like such a waste of scraps...


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You should check out La Tapatia in So SF on Grand. They make fresh tortilla in the back daily. I think I saw the small ones the other day and they were still warm.

      411 Grand Ave
      SSF (650)589-5881

      1. I'd check La Tapatia Mexicatessen, 411 Grand Ave., South San Francisco (650) 589-5881. If they don't have them, they might know who does. I know there's a fairly large, newish Mexican grocery store on the other side of Grand Ave. about a block East I think - they might carry them.

        If you feel like taking a ride down to Redwood City, most of the Mexican grocery stores like Chavez and Mi Rancho carry the small tortillas as regular shelf items. There's a tortilla factory on Middlefield Rd. just South of Woodside Rd., La Estrellita.

        P.S. If you end up using the cookie cutter method, throw the scraps on a jelly roll pan, spray with PAM, sprinkly with kosher salt and put in a maybe a 375 or 400 oven and bake until they get crispy - great for topping a bowl of spicy chicken soup or just to munch... especially with any leftover guac!

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          great idea for the leftovers... i'll remember that.

          also, what would be the best way to prep tortillas? mine always turn out dry and will crack when folded up.

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            just got back from la tapatia and yes, they had the mini tortillas. they're located in the back behind the grill and are packaged 3 dozen to a bag for only 95 cents/bag! i picked up 2. =) each corn tortilla is just under 4" in diameter and appear pretty fresh. they'll be perfect for my mini tacos. thanks margret and RWC for the tip!!

            on a related note, i picked up a super burrito al pastor on my way out. just couldn't resist. for $5.20, you get a colossal, fat burrito with meat, beans, cheese, rice, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and hot sauce all rolled up in 2 layers of aluminum. the seasoning was pretty good but everything was just a lil to mushy for me. i like having some texture to my burrito.

            anyway i think the thing weighed 5 pounds. i can't believe i ate the whole thing...

          2. I didn't see them last time I was at Mi Rancho market, but wasn't specifically looking.

            baked corn tortillas are often dry and chewy unless you load on the oil. I don't mind them, but I have had a hard time getting a great baked product.

            My suggestion for scraps is to save them, freeze them and make chilequilles - I could live on those and they are great for a quick meal.