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Oct 4, 2006 04:55 AM

First time at Violet

Have been dying to try this place, but never seem to get to the West side.

Well, fortunately, between 6 and 7, they offer the 7X7 menu. 7 items the chef decides to discount down to $7.00 instead of the usual $9-$14.

Had a lovely glass of Brut featured on the discount menu, then had some Lavender Soda. WONDERFUL stuff! I hope Galco's carries it!

Ordered the Short Ribs, moist, tender, succulent. The portion was about the size of a tennis ball, and served on some risotto.

A special of the day was a risotto with sweet corn. Perfect al dente rice, very rich dish.

The cheese plate was on the $7.00 menu, it wasn't worth much more than that. Small portions of three cheeses, but the figs were ripe and a perfect compliment. Not sure what the cheeses were as we weren't told.

Finally had the endive salad, very refreshing and tasty.

The French bread was brought to the table warm with refills throughout the meal. Perfect for the shortrib jus left in the bowl.

Finished off with the banana bread pudding with coconut sorbet (or was it gelato?) Our check came with the two small cookies and shot glasses of milk.

I loved this place and will return next time I'm out west. Total for the food plus 3 glasses of wine and the soda was $80. (before tax and tip.)

btw, the chef seated us and explained much of the menu. Great guy! I was surprised it wasn't more crowded before 7PM with the value menu...I hope they continue it.

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  1. I also had an overall wonderful experience @ Violet (my review here: ), the 7 before 7 is definitely a nice deal (tho unfortunately only Tues to Thurs). And alas, coming from Alhambra, Violet (like all other Westside restaurants) is not someplace I'll frequent either (not that I'm complaining, I love being able to eat Asian foods on a whim.


    There's also a fairly good chance you may have seen Jared Simons (the exec. chef/owner), who usually is the hosting (look for a semi-punkish, muscular dude.)