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Oct 4, 2006 04:32 AM

French onion soup, souffles, and ___?

A friend just bought me a lovely foursom of souffle dishes, and I want to have a little dinner to thank her for the gesture.

So far, I've decided on:

-French onion soup (the other friend who's coming loves this)
-grand marnier or chocolate souffles

But I don't know what else to cook! I want something relatively light. Would a big chicken caesar be too un-filling? A cassoulet or coq au vin just seems too wintery for now. I'll have plenty of time to eat that kind of food in the upcoming months.

I'm hoping for a relatively easy but flavorful meat dish to balance out the time consuming onion soup and souffle.

What a good middle ground in terms of heartiness? Not as hearty as a coq au vin, but not as light as a nicoise?

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  1. I know it sounds boring, but I LOVE roast chicken, and that's almost TOO easy.

    1. What about doing a nice roast chicken w/ some sort of compound butter under the skin? Serve w/ a frisee, apple, and fennel salad on side.

      For something a little heavier and more warming, Balthazar's chicken riesling. Good served w/ egg noodles. Here's a link to my report and scroll down for paraphrased recipe:

      Let us know how those souffles turn out!

      1. Do a slow roast whole bone pork loin. I like to make slits in the meat and put slivers of garlic, then I season very heavily with a sugar/salt/pepper/herb mix. Heat the oven at 500, or the highest setting, and stick the loin in for 20 min, to caramelize the herb crust. then drop the temp at 300, lightly cover with foil and let it go for a couple hours to slow cook and tenderize... all depending on the size of loin. But it's very low maintainence, minimal prep and it's "set it and forget it" dish.

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          1. French onion soup is a meal in itself, so what you need is not another full course, but an accompaniment. If it were my table, I'd serve an appetizer-type plate featuring country pate, and salady stuff like tomatoes, cornichons, tiny potatoes, etc.

            Your dessert would be good with a sauce made from fresh raspberries.