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ISO of Thai in the OC.

vonger44 Oct 4, 2006 04:26 AM

My wife and I realized its been awhile since we've had some real authentic thai food. The last time we had Thai food was at Mekong from a recent trip to Hawaii which was quite tasty. Any favorite Thai restaurants you care to recommend ? Thanks in advance.

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  1. q
    quinntran RE: vonger44 Oct 4, 2006 04:59 AM

    Thai Nakorn in Garden Grove is super

    1. Seth Chadwick RE: vonger44 Oct 4, 2006 05:01 AM

      Agree about Thai Nakorn. Some of the best Thai food I have ever had. Very fresh and quite delicious.

      1. j
        jenofkuo RE: vonger44 Oct 4, 2006 06:47 AM

        Sorry not really the biggest fan of Thai Nakorn. It's just okay for me. The service is good but the food is just okay. Maybe I've been spoiled by the LA places. Haven't found a Thai place in OC that's been amazing.

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        1. re: jenofkuo
          Das Ubergeek RE: jenofkuo Oct 4, 2006 03:08 PM

          Out of curiosity, because I'm always ready to try good Thai places, where in LA do you go for amazing Thai food?

        2. Curt the Soi Hound RE: vonger44 Oct 4, 2006 01:58 PM

          I've always found the food great and the service marginal at Thai Nakorn.

          A real OC sleeper is Bangkok Taste, Santa Ana, on Grand, just south of the 22 freeway.
          Right now, the 22 construction makes it a little difficult to get to, but it can be accessed from the south.

          The larb is great.
          Definitely try the coconut ice cream.

          It's one of the few places one can find khao soy, a Chiang Mai speciality "soup".

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          1. re: Curt the Soi Hound
            quinntran RE: Curt the Soi Hound Oct 5, 2006 12:14 AM

            mmmmmm bangkok taste is really good. try the mango with sticky rice

          2. Das Ubergeek RE: vonger44 Oct 4, 2006 03:04 PM

            Definitely Thai Nakorn, but as Curt said, the service is of the "flail wildly and hope they notice, or get up and get it yourself" variety... but the food is outstanding. Do yourself a favour and order off the "house special" menu on the inside front cover of the menu -- the wild boar, the mango salad with catfish or with shrimp, etc., etc.

            1. MEalcentric RE: vonger44 Oct 4, 2006 03:06 PM

              Thai Nakorn, Thai Nakorn, Thai NAorn. But, I agree with Curt that Bangkok Taste is very much slept on. They make the best chicken and basil with fried egg outside of Thailand.

              1. elmomonster RE: vonger44 Oct 4, 2006 03:28 PM

                Another vote for Thai Nakorn.

                Here's some photos and a review I wrote if you're interested:


                1. m
                  ml22 RE: vonger44 Oct 4, 2006 03:34 PM

                  Cha Thai on Chapman and Main (across from Pollo Loco), City of Orange

                  Thai Chili on Tustin ST., City of ORange

                  Both have superb panang curry and pad thai

                  Was impressed at the chiken satay of Royal Thai Garden Newport Beach from Taste of Newport but have not personally visited their restaurant. Its my next chow destination.

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