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Oct 4, 2006 04:01 AM

London Rec's - Please Review!

Hi, I'm going to be in London for the Frieze Art Fair at Regents Park next week. Staying at the Landmark Hotel nearby. Looking for a critique of my current eating itinery as well as rec's for some more places. I would prefer to find more places to eat within walking distance to the hotel as I will be spending most of my time at the Frieze. In terms of what I'm looking for - probably F&C, Middle Eastern, Indian and things that are "uniquely British". I'm probably NOT looking for Italian, Mexican, Chinese, French, Japanese, unless it is REALLY worth it.

Wednesday: Arrive in the AM. Will be jetlagged. Probably walk around some and crash at the hotel. Lunch: TBD Dinner: Fish and Chips at Golden Hind or Takeout at Sea Shell
Thursday: All day at Frieze. Lunch: TBD Dinner: Fairuz Lebanese
Friday: All Day at Frieze/Zoo. Lunch: TBD Dinner: Sea Shells in Lisson Grove
Saturday: Brunch Buffet: Bombay Brasserie Dinner: TBD by where we end up sightseeing
Sunday: Checkout the Farmers market on Maryleborne street - Ginger Pig/La Fromagerie

Other places around Landmark that I have on back up:
Cinnamon Spice, Gaylords, Lemonia, Wagamma, pickup from Selfridges

I'm looking for some decent breakfast places around the Landmark since the breakfast at the hotel is mediocre and $$$. I think there are some greasy spoons, cafes, pastry shops (i.e. Valerie, Paul) at the Tube station but I was wondering if there is a more traditional English Breakfast place?

I am also looking for place to eat around these sites:
British Muesuem: Malabar Junction
Tate Modern - I heard the cafe in house is pretty good with decent views
Harrod’s - Ishbilya (does anyone have the exact location? Is this on Williams Street? should I not bother? read from Howler that it has gone downhill)

I am also looking for sights to see around these places to eat:
Bosphorous kebab house
Al Dar

Is Four Seasons worth it? I have lived all over (NY, Houston, CA, Boston) and wonder if their peking duck is really that good-as really good peking duck is quite hard to come by

Thanks for reading my long post!

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  1. Not far from the Landmark and just a short walk up the Edgware Road is the Mandalay which is supposedly London only Burmese Restaurant. It's run by a charming Burmese family and you will almost immediately feel as if you are eating in their home.

    Ask one of the brothers to recommend some dishes for you, but you should definitely include the kauk swey (sp?) in all its coconutty deliciousness.

    You need to book evenings, but you can normally just turn up lunchtime and get a table.

    1. I've had lunch at the Tate Modern's restaurant a few times. We had some delicious soup a few weeks ago - served with a large hunk of yummy bread. For me, this was enough. The food is appetizing but pricey... and the view to the outside is usually nice.. good desserts (crumbles etc.)to be found are a nice ending to the meal.

      1. Are you gonna stick with places near the Landmark, or are you willing to travel by tube? Also, do you have a budget? There are tons of places you can go to (not all expensive), but they require travel.


        1. i commend you for the research you've obviously done. excellent.

          now. don't bother with ishbilya. but do go to maroush on beauchamp place after a harrods shopping trip or after a museum run in south ken. also on beauchamp place is the map room, which has some lovely old maps, prints etc you might want to check out. if you visit al dar, get the foul muqqala and the toasted - insist on the toasted - chicken shis taouk sandwich. insist also on plenty of toom (garlic sauce). heaven.

          bosphorus kebab house is a hole in the wall, but well worth it for a quick lunch bite especially on a south kensington musuem run. its literally a 100 yards from the tube, and the lamb steak over rice is about the best value for money around.

          go to holland park in the evening, see kenwood house if you can and then walk down to mohsen. thats living like a local. you MUST eat at mohsen - its about the best name on your list.

          you might like borough market - frankly, its a tourist trap these days. la fromagerie is excellent, but the ginger pig has seen better days. the best butcher is lidgates in holland park, and if you want to understand the platonic ideal of pie, go get a made one from them. stunning.

          and for gods sake, dont waste money on wagamama. its actively nasty. if ramen is your thing, someone on these boards posted about a place near oxford street, sounds great but i cant vouch for it. try the search engine.

          1. Sea Shell in lisson grove is not very good. i lived round there for 3 years and was always underwhelmed when visiting. london is not good for fish n chips in general.

            a good option would be to walk 5-10 mins from your hotel to Marylebone High STreet and amble on down that street perusing the various menus of the many good restaurants that are based there.