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Oct 4, 2006 03:29 AM

3 guys need fun place for lunch in La Jolla - Suggestions greatly appreciated

Hello all,

This NYC chowhound and his 2 buddies are coming out to spend the day in La Jolla on Fri 10/20th...

Could you please suggest a casual and fun place for lunch that day.
We love all cuisines and would love to be at a scenic place, but one that's relaxed. Would "George at the Cove" fit the bill?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Not sure that many places in La Jolla qualify as "fun", it tends to be kind of a low-key place from my experience. George's would certainly fit the bill, though I'd suggest opting for the bar level (between the terrace and the main dining room). The direct sun on the terrace can be kind of oppressive.

    1. I'm laughing my head off, because my first thought on reading the title of this thread was, "Fun? La Jolla?" Then that I saw Josh's reply.

      BTW, I agree completely. The bar at George's can be very nice; good food and nice view. If you can forgo the view, though, you might enjoy Fresh Seafood Restaurant (1044 Wall Street) more. The bar there is nice, there are pleasant sidewalk tables, and the scene may be a little livelier (and the clientelle a little younger) than George's. I confess I haven't eaten there since Sami Ladeki sold it, but it used to be among the best. Good luck.
      . . . jim strain in san diego.

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        Did you try Fresh since it changed it ownership ? I think the former chef from Blackhorse Grill (new place from the former chef of Arterra) owns Fresh now.

      2. Thanks, guys...point taken. I did look at the menu at "Fresh" and it does look appealing, plus "livelier" clientele is always a plus...

        Do you think it's necessary to make a res for a Friday afternoon?

        1. we, too, love GEORGE's. if it's a lovely fall day and the wind and the sun are not too harsh, nothing beats the upstairs patio.

          i've never been, but the jack's restaurant complex was just reviewed favorably in the l.a. times by the critic second in command:

          our last visit to la jolla in august on a friday evening was anything but low-key. fast cars and great looking people.

          both can be booked on and reservations are always recommended at george's especially on a friday. for dinner, they were quoting folks without resers a 2 1/2 wait at 6pm.

          have fun.

          1. Jack's is probably the liveliest place in La Jolla, but the scene doesn't get going until after dinner hours. Food at the bar level is very good.

            I think Nine-Ten does lunch. They have outdoor seating that faces the street, useful for people and car watching.