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Oct 4, 2006 03:08 AM

Cocoa Nibs arrived

I read a recent thread about cocoa nibs and also read an older thread about a rustic chocolate bar that had cocoa nibs and crystaline sugar in it. Saturday my nibs arrived and I made my own version of this bar. It is amazing. About 80 percent nibs, 19 percent bittersweet chocolate and 1 percent crystaline sugar. It is a kick in the head of chocolate with a nutty, coffee-like complexity and that little bit of sugar crunch to take away some of the bite of the bitterish nibs. Who makes chocolate bar molds that are about 1/4" thick and the size of a Hershey Bar? I think I am onto something here. Sugarcraft only has bar molds for thicker bars with some sort of design on top. I wonder if it could be made into a ganache without losing its crunch over time. My Wasabi Pea ganache got limp and flabby after a week. Don't want to do that again.


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  1. Go to for chocolate molds. They have a few thousand of them. Also, while I appreciate your excitement about cocoa nibs, please be aware that more than a few folks have chipped their teeth on them!