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Oct 4, 2006 02:55 AM

Tacos Arabes or Cemitas Poblanas in LA

I am hoping that there is an authentic Pueblan restaurant somewhere out there in greater LA that may serve these dish.

Tacos arabes is basically Al Pastor but it is served in a 'mexicanized' thick flour pita with a yogurt sauce called 'joque' and honey and an herb infused olive oil.

I believe it was invented in Puebla by lebanese immigrants.

Here are some pics from a rest in chicago:

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  1. There is a place 2 diirs from Dinah's Fried Chciken in Glendale (Los Feliz & San Fernando Rd.), can not remember name, put had a good Cemitas Poblana. They owners are from Puebla, it is a family affair, very nice and quaint. Ruby's, I think that is the name, it used to be that for 25 years and then new owners, I believe they kept the old name.

    1. I saw a taco truck on Whittier Blvd in East LA called Tacos Arabes. Sounds like what you're looking for. It was on Whittier, a few blocks west of Eastern Blvd.

      1. I've heard rumors of a Cemitas truck in Echo Park but I don't know where it is... can anyone help?

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          hello, the cemitas truck is on logan just south of sunset. its a night time truck. the cemitas are average to good of the four cemitas places i've tried, but it totally does the trick for the neighborhood. i went once after a show at the echo so that must mean it was open till around midnight or 1am.

          from an old post

        2. You can get quite good cemitas poblanas at Don Felix, on the southwest corner of Victory and Kester in Van Nuys.

          There was a sign on a restaurant in Mariachi Plaza advertising cemitas, but it was closed and we were going to La Serenata anyway, so I haven't managed to find it.

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            Das Ubergeek, the cemitas place at Victory and Kester is Cemitas Don Adrian. Don Felix is located on Sawtelle and Washington Place.

          2. There is a decent cemitas truck that parks during the day outside the Smart & Final on Pico and Cotner. I'm not a big fan of cemitas (or sandwiches, generally), but the milanese was not bad. I believe there is another cemitas truck in the Pico/Overland area that parks in front of the Washingtom Mutual during the first half of the day and moves across the street to in front of the Pep Boys later in the day.

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              Don't know if there are multiple Cemitas trucks running around WLA... but there is a very good one that parks on Washington or Venice near the classic Cuban place.... around Noonish on Weekdays.

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                The Cemitas Taco Truck on Venice Blvd is called Angelica and is located in front of the Smart & Final on Venice Blvd and Clarrington (East of Motor) -- available Monday-Saturday from around 11:00AM - 4:00PM .

                Check out Dommy's review of Angelica in this thread:


                And check out this review:


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                  I have had the cemitas from Angelica dozens of times, and they never disappoint. Milanesa meat is their default setting there (pounded, breaded, and fried beef) but you can order it with any of the other meats they have, including very good cabeza.