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Oct 4, 2006 02:27 AM

Under $5 in Seattle?

I loved this thread when it was posted for Portland, and it got me thinking about the really good five dollar deals here. Off the top of my head, here are some great under $5 deals that can make a meal:

Banh Mi from the Saigon Deli (or two if they're tofu)
Anything on the menu at the Szechuan Noodle Bowl
A small pho from Than Brothers
A burrito from La Vaca
Frites from the frites place (ok, not the healthiest meal)
Tacos at Guaymas


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  1. Two Polish dogs at Costco (ask for the sauerkraut) and add the deli mustard. It comes with the drink of your choice. Cost is $3.26, or less. This feeds a couple!

    1. baby pho ($3.50) and a spring roll ($1.50) from Pho Bac.

      1. Loads of options for happy hour in that price range, the best of which has got to be Cascadia's ridiculously good $1 miniburgers. 5 would certainly make a meal for me. (I'd splurge an extra $2 for a side of truffle butter to properly tweak them out.) Or you could do 2 mini cheeseburgers and one king salmon miniburger, or 2 plain miniburgers + a cone of calamari.

        McCormick & Schmick's $2 happy-hour burger may be DQ'ed by the required drink purchase, and isn't all that great anyhow. I'd rather have a Dick's Deluxe or two, which is another local low-cost option - $5 could feed a family there.

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          Similar to McCormick's is the $3.95 burger at The Met during happy hour, a good burger, but the drinks will cost you.

        2. Aladin Gyro-cery on the AVE regular pita for $4. $5 pizza at nectar happy hour is ok. $5 burger at Ponti HH is great. Taco trucks are a good value. I hope others will post on this...right now this is what I can think of.

          1. Bahn mi for $2.50 (for a 10-inch sandwich) at Pho Cyclo (there's one at 1st & Lander, and I think another in little Vietnam and another on Capital Hill). They have 5-6 choices, and everything is totally fresh. (The spicy chicken is my favorite, though.)