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Under $5 in Seattle?

I loved this thread when it was posted for Portland, and it got me thinking about the really good five dollar deals here. Off the top of my head, here are some great under $5 deals that can make a meal:

Banh Mi from the Saigon Deli (or two if they're tofu)
Anything on the menu at the Szechuan Noodle Bowl
A small pho from Than Brothers
A burrito from La Vaca
Frites from the frites place (ok, not the healthiest meal)
Tacos at Guaymas


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  1. Two Polish dogs at Costco (ask for the sauerkraut) and add the deli mustard. It comes with the drink of your choice. Cost is $3.26, or less. This feeds a couple!

    1. baby pho ($3.50) and a spring roll ($1.50) from Pho Bac.

      1. Loads of options for happy hour in that price range, the best of which has got to be Cascadia's ridiculously good $1 miniburgers. 5 would certainly make a meal for me. (I'd splurge an extra $2 for a side of truffle butter to properly tweak them out.) Or you could do 2 mini cheeseburgers and one king salmon miniburger, or 2 plain miniburgers + a cone of calamari.

        McCormick & Schmick's $2 happy-hour burger may be DQ'ed by the required drink purchase, and isn't all that great anyhow. I'd rather have a Dick's Deluxe or two, which is another local low-cost option - $5 could feed a family there.

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          Similar to McCormick's is the $3.95 burger at The Met during happy hour, a good burger, but the drinks will cost you.

        2. Aladin Gyro-cery on the AVE regular pita for $4. $5 pizza at nectar happy hour is ok. $5 burger at Ponti HH is great. Taco trucks are a good value. I hope others will post on this...right now this is what I can think of.

          1. Bahn mi for $2.50 (for a 10-inch sandwich) at Pho Cyclo (there's one at 1st & Lander, and I think another in little Vietnam and another on Capital Hill). They have 5-6 choices, and everything is totally fresh. (The spicy chicken is my favorite, though.)

            1. Gyro or Falafel Sandwich at Mr. Gyro in Greenwood is $4.95. It's pretty freakin' good.

              1. Oh, yeah. Happy hours. Right-O.

                At risk of being branded a shill, I say get thee to Hale's, where all the apps and select goodies are half price from 4-6 m-f. One such is a fine big burger, with good fries and a lot of them, on a real plate, with a smiling bartender offering plenty'o condiments in a very nice, light room.
                Of course, the cask conditioned ales will call to you, as will a bowl of steamed mussells with dipping bread for the lovely liquor so you'll be lucky to get out of there with change for twenty bucks, but I do it regularly.

                There have been a number of great posts here about happy hours, and though I've not yet made it to Brasa, I have had a lot of fun trying them out and I recommend it.

                1. at any thai place (i used to do this when i worked in the udistrict) an order of rice and a side of peanut sauce.

                  when la vaca was still there you could go very cheap with sides of rice and beans - that'd be two meals for me!

                    1. Mases terryaki next to the 7-11 across the street from Angle lake
                      has great chicken terryaki for $4.95 between like 11 and 2 pm.Great Wall mall at the Ranch 99 store has a duck and roast pork special comes with rice,noodles and soup its $5.50 its an even better deal.Hope going over 5 bucks a little is ok lol Ranch 99 has a fish frying service that is free when you buy fish there the tilapia is good and about $1.60 a lb.

                      1. Jack's Fish Spot (in Pike Place, with saltwater tanks of shellfish, facing the Pike [heh]), has a great cioppino for maybe 3 bucks. Pick up a halfpint of buttermilk at the Dairy next door and maybe stop across the aisle for a little breadroll and, and voila...

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                        1. I can't leave without a second for Terrier's recommendation of Dick's, a startlingly chowish experience, and majorly cultural for free.

                          1. J & M (Pioneer Square) I think it's the name. Used to be a card salon in the old days, but a nice bar with better than average food. They have sliders and pizza's for happy hour. Sliders I think are 2 for $2.00 and on Monday's for Lunch they have $2 off entree's that make pizza's $4, and burgers, $5? Lots of food. Best fries I've had in a long time to boot.

                            Uwajumaya(sp?) (International District) Get there for a late dinner. They start marking down the california rolls and everything else in the sushi case to like $3.00. Also the hot food line starts wrapping stuff up. You can get a pound and a half of bbq pork for a few dollars and anything else they have. Might as well sell it at a discount then throwing it out.

                            Most of the BBQ restaurants in the International District with the meat hanging in front of the window have a bbq + steamed rice to go deal for under $5 that will bust your gut. A lot of food at a rock bottom price.

                            Most of these places aren't exactly chowhound A listed restaurants, but for under $5 you can't really expect Rovers can you?

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                              Wow MightyMac I never knew that.Thats a great deal for BBQ pork.Do they markdown the duck anywhere that you know of?

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                                "J & M (Pioneer Square) I think it's the name. Used to be a card salon in the old days, but a nice bar with better than average food."

                                Ahh, the J & M. When I first moved here, 20+ years ago, the first time I walked into the J & M I was immediately overcome by "deja vu".. very strongly. Odd.

                                Pho, anywhere. Rarely is it more than $5 for a fabulous steamy bowl of broth, thinly sliced beef, tendon, meatballs, whatever you might want to add, and it is oh so good and oh so comforting.

                              2. 3 carne asada soft tacos from the "Taco Bus" (Tacos El Asadero) on Rainier Ave

                                Most regular-size noodle or congee bowls from Mike's Noodle House in the ID

                                1. Billjriv,

                                  I'm assuming it's the same for the roast duck or the soy sauce chicken. I'm serious though, once you try the roast pork, chicken or duck seems flavorless and you regret every bite that's not full of porky goodness.

                                  The place I go to is...east of Ho Ho's? Small little place that's really close to where I live. 7th and Weller. I don't know if Kau Kau has a meal deal like that, I think they only do meat but I'm not sure.

                                  I don't know the name of this restaurant, but it's packed at night which is a good sign and they give you a big to go container w/o the partitions so you get a layer of rice, some bok choy, and choice of 1 meat for under $5, same with 2 meats is just over $5. I'm assuming that all the other bbq places have something like this as well.

                                  Ocean City specializes in Chicken and Duck I believe and their prices are rock bottom.


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                                    I know how good that Chinese pork is.I used to smoke and I wish I would of tried that pork before I started smoking cause it is addictive and good and almost better for you than cigarettes.Thanks for the info on those resturants.

                                  2. Sounds good I like Taco Trucks.

                                    1. Hum Bow at Mee Sum Pastry - Pike Place Market - mmm, mmm...YUMMY!

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                                        hahah, anything at Mee Sum! That is the best place ever. I used to take my allowence there when I was a kid nad get as much as I could with my $2 a week or what not!
                                        (how you know your kid will be on chowhound forums later in life)...

                                      2. Sorry, but I really like World Wrapps...

                                        1. crumpet shop in the market- a majority of the food, for breakfast or lunch, is really cheap for the quality and location.

                                          1. The daily special at Zum Zum on 3rd Avenue -- well worth waiting in line for.

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                                              Ditto and the veggie curry on a regular day might come to just over $5 with tax.

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                                                Absolutely, compared to Zum Zum these other places are hardly worth mentioning. The daily lunch special is like $4.50 and the cury is indescribably awesome.

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                                                  To be precise. $4.37 incl. tax and fountain soft drink. Right on the awesom curry!

                                                1. I second the Crumpet Shop and Aladin Gyro-cery suggestions, and also want to mention Dante's hotdogs and sausages ($3-5, I think), and piroshky. I used to go to Cafe Yarmulka (sp?) in Pike Place Market... don't know if it's there anymore.

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                                                    Yes, Cafe Yarmulka is still there. One of my favorite lunch spots for filling food on a cold day.

                                                  2. Batambang noodles at Phnom Penh in the International district. Noodles with egg, dried shrimp, and veggies. Add a little of their chili sauce and it's terrific.

                                                    1. Two soft tacos at Malena's in Ballard. And Mr. Gyros in Greenwood is great, too. Miniburgers at Cascadia happy hour (three plus truffle butter...mmmmm...)

                                                      1. I second Tacos El Asadero. Generally I just call it The Taco Bus, but it is seriously the best I've had outside of Mexico. I've tried all of the taco wagons on Rainier, but I'd be interested to hear if anyone else had a favorite. With the risk of sounding ridiculous, a stop at The Taco Bus is often the highlight of my day. I crave their tacos. I go for dos con carnitas y uno con pollo. Be sure to get some of their pickled jalapeƱos and carrots. Add some extra sauce and then squeeze a lime over each taco. It is a perfect meal. Que rico!

                                                        1. The happy hour menu at West 5 on California Ave in West Seattle. Crab cakes, mac and cheese, comfort food all the way.

                                                          1. i agree totally with sophie...el asadero aka the taco bus just rules...mulitas, tortas y tacos are crazy good no matter what filling, asada, carnitas or chicken. phenomenal place and it is consistant - that is a big deal - ! que rico y perfecto! what was once a total secret is now a big time fave of many folks. does anybody know about maruka (sp) market in georgetown and some crazy under $5 sushi? bring it.

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                                                              It's called Maruta and they offer half price sushi after 5:00.
                                                              It's all pretty mediocre (California roll is probably the best) and the vultures are out in force (you have be there right at 5:00 or even a little before to get a piece of the action)

                                                              Not a bad thing to hit up if you happen to be in the area, but you'll be disappointed if you make something of it.

                                                            2. What about bakemans? hand carved turkey sandwich on fresh baked bread, I think it is under $5 or just about there, or I'm sure the 1/2 sandwich comes in under 5. Its an experience you must try