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Oct 4, 2006 02:16 AM

Where do you keep the Kitchen Aid mixer?

I am re-organizing the kitchen and have received a Kitchen Aid mixer, which weighs a ton. I am not crazy about having a permanent parking space for it on our limited countertop space.

As an alternative, I am considering parking it on a roll-out drawer in the pantry but it's so damn heavy I'm afraid it will break the drawer tracks.

I am interested to know what works for you.

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  1. Unfortunately for now, in the corner of the countertop

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    1. re: urika

      Likewise. I use it often enough that getting it out and putting it away would be needlessly tedious.

      1. re: urika

        Same here. Under a quilted mixer cover to keep it somewhat dust free. Really to heavy to move.

      2. It takes up an incredible amount of unercounter space but for the last two kitchen re-designs my DW has installed in a lower cabinet. The KA sits on a shelf in the cabinet that is attached to an arm that swings up and locks into place for use. When completed, we unlock the arm and it swings back down into the cabinet.

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        1. re: jfood

          I would love to have one of those shelves, but my kitchen just doesn't have the cabinet space. So for now it sits in the corner of the counter beneath the cupboards under a KA Cozy. Not the best place, but there's really no other good place in our kitchen.

          1. re: al b. darned

            Ours is on the counter (sideways against the wall) too. My MIL had one of those swing-arm shelves for hers too and it was great. But we didn't have a cabinet to give up either. I don't even have a cozy. The mix attachments stay in the bowl and the bowl cover says on (to keep them clean).

            1. re: eamcd

              That's how mine is too.. it's on the counter next to the fridge with attachments in the bowl. At least I know where to find them though! :)

        2. My mom keeps her's in the garage with a plastic cover, keeps the mixing bowls insides. The thing is just too big to be in the kitchen all the time.

          1. My KA is the only appliance allowed on the countertop. I hope you enjoy your new one enough that you don't mind giving it the place of honor!

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              Exactly. KA does merit a place of honor. Mine is my pride and joy. While it can take up space, a KA rep once told me some people actually will use the mixer as a decoration and not use it at all. She then laughed and shared that KA really wants people to *use* their mixers.

            2. Mine's on a shelf in the pantry. It's just too big to sit on the countertop all the time.